Disney+: the Fire Tv back to the list of players


Amazon’s Fire tv last Friday, amazingly enough, without any commentary on the disney’s official pages, as for a Device in the country on the 24th. The march, from the disappeared, streaming video, Disney+. Now, one of the most popular media player in the series, including, among other things, the Fire TV Stick 4K, and the Fire TV, the Cube proved to be so, and, without a word.

On the American Site for the service, which is already there in the month of November of the last year available, they are listed on the Fire Tv at all.

Among the other streaming devices, the Apple Iphone, the Apple TV 4. Generation, Chromebook, Chromecast, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. In addition to that, a number of Smart TVs and mobile devices as well as desktop computers. The NVIDIA Shield on a TV is supported as well, but it is listed on the Android TV device.

Disney+ is already in the United States, as the latter is available. Prior to the US Launch of Fire TV series, it was not listed as a supported device for playback. The U.S. media reported that Disney and Amazon would fight against the distribution of income, which in the Amazon is generated by the display of advertisements within the Fire TV user interface.

Just prior to the american release, they have come to an agreement, and then to Disney’s+the App is also available for Amazon devices. However, the American users of the Internet, people say that it’s just the fact that the Fire TV device, Disney+, in contrast to the Apple TV to 4K and with a Dolby Atmos sound, it is available to you.