Elite: a Fan looking on Google Maps the college of the series and finds something unexpected


That’s really amazing! A fan made a finding when trying to find the location of the famous college “The Oaks”, a place where they recorded the hit series “Elite“of Netflix. Through Google Maps found something unexpected that has caused a stir on social networks.

The fan “Elite” he wanted to search through Google Maps the location of the college of “The Oaks”, but apparently the app took it to another place other than in Mexico, because that place has the same name where he recorded the series of Netflix.

The series “Elite” of Netflix it is one of the most view the streaming platform, that project very soon he will return with a new story in its third season this month of march.

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It seems that the fan “Elite” made a surprising finding by wanting to give the location of the place of the famous school “The Oaks” series Netflix, because apparently the application of Google Maps it led to another unexpected place.

The surprising finding of a fan of “Elite”

The fan shared via social networks the amazing location that made of “The Oaks”, as it was a municipality of San Nicholas of the Heron in the State of New Lion in Mexico; one of the popular areas, the place also has the name of the school of the famous series “Elite” Netflix.

Elite: Fan is on Google Maps something unexpected on the college series

Elite: Fan is on Google Maps something unexpected on the college series

When you see the image of Google Maps, some fans were discouraged, because they wanted to learn more about the place where they filmed the series “Elite” Netflix, where the famous as Danna Paola and Esther Expósito, were making various scenes in the school “The Oaks”.

We remind you that the third season of the series “Elite” of released in Netflix the 13th of march, so that the fans are very looking forward to the big premiere to continue enjoying the characters of the famous actors.

Photo: Grazia Mexico.