“Eva Gonzalez’s date of divorce”. Impossible to cover more. I get this!


eva gonzález

04 march 2020
(16:17 CET)

It seems that calm is installed in the house of Cayetano Rivera and Eva González. The couple atravasaba a difficult time after the rumors surfaced of a possible infidelity of the matador with Karelys Rodrigueza young lawyer. Both of them were silent regarding this latest controversy, the only thing I did to increase the desire of the media for besmirching the story more.

It was the magazine Week in charge of posting the mysterious pictures of the both spoke to Kiko Matamoros in Save me. In she could see Cayetano Rivera taking a walk and having dinner in London in the company of the young. During these last few months, both the bullfighter as the presenter have tried to dodge the press and make the least fuss for the sake of your child.

Many are the means by which they spoke of a possible rift between the two, since they were together at any public event. Or him to the concerts of Vanesa Martín or she runs it. This did only increased the rumors of a possible separation. There are some journalists who claimed that they were going to divorce last year.

eve and gaetano magazine states

As the latest images show that this will not happen. Has passed the storm and the couple is more united than ever and very happy. Cayetano Rivera and Eva González have been photographed with his son in attendance at the christening of nephew of the model. The event took place in the same church in which the couple is married, in Mairena del Alcor, the birthplace of the speaker, and now they were appearing with a smile on his face making it clear that the bad time is already part of the past.

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During all this time, Eva Gonzalez has been leaning on her friends. The presenter has always been on the side of Vanesa Martín, who has dedicated some beautiful words on their social networks. “The special light and the eyes are full of life. The one who knows how to make me laugh and cry at the same time. That teaches me to not ask us anything. My friend. How proud I am of you and how happy to be able to share that day with your vera”.

After seeing them so united for a well known magazine, which some considered stolen agreed, the couple has become separated. On this occasion, to comply with their respective professional commitments. It seems that lately Eva Gonzalez and Cayetano Rivera are not the same in their hobbies.

eva gonzalez with friends

Eva Gonzalez spent a few days in your land. First was present as a presenter at the awarding of the Medals of Andalusia and came to down. Just after he set a course to Huelva to celebrate the birthday of one of his best friends, Christ Ibáñez. “Celebrating the life, that with you is more beautiful“posted next to this image taken in the restaurant Aires de Doñana. Since then his friends have been a very important pillar in these months so hard.

“Where is Cayetano Rivera?”, wonder. “Lately it always goes away”, say. Well, yes, it seems that they do not match, but is that the right-hander already had scheduled a run in Aranda de Duero, Burgos. Only they could see together and with a smile at the christening of his nephew last week. Is everything all good between Eva Gonzalez and Cayetano Rivera? Their followers to doubt them.

What is clear is that Karelys has shaken the foundations of the relationship between Cayetano and Eva Gonzalez. The journalist Daniel Carande said in It is the morning of Federico that “someone you know very well Eve told us that within a year they will sign the divorce.” And put a recent history: “Paula and Bustamante, who were a year together and didn’t say anything, but there was already an agreement of distribution between them”