FritzOS-Beta-begins with the FritzBox 7490 and-7590, with a number of new features


AVM has released a new experimental laboratory for the Update to FritzOS 7.19. The Update is available for the two models, 7490, and 7590 is available and it brings with it a series of innovations, including encryption via WPA2, and WPA3, private, free access to Wi-Fi, free guest.

AVM has released a new Beta version of the Firmware for the Fritz boxes are the 7490 and the 7590. The Update brings a host of new features, and it also serves to improve the stability of the system. He bugs have been fixed and improvements have been added. Among the most important innovations in the MAV now provide support for VDSL, Long-Reach. In addition to this, the Choice of the operating mode “IP Client” or in the Loop function, repeat, is now also available for all models of the Fritz box Cable, with selectable start up with this Beta version.

Even the newest of the New

Some of the new Features that have already been announced. Now, with a full Update on the Beta program for the two folk to the Router. In the laboratory Version of a lengthy list of improvements and fixes that are available. The Update to the FritzBox 7590 of the version number, 07.19-76430, FritzBox 7490, which obtains the Version 07.19-76429. The owner of one of these routers, you can download the lab Version of it from now on. All of the information about the Update can be found on the MVA website.

The ground-breaking for FritzOS 07.19-76429/30

  • DSL:
  • NEW – support for VDSL, Long-Reach
  • On the Internet:
  • To RE – activate the parental control settings, and a ticket to the call-by-call user interface (ui)
  • The Wi-Fi Connection:1
  • Re-encryption to ‘WPA2 + WPA3″ (SAE) for the private sector, and free Wi-Fi internet access, guest access, can be adjusted
  • Home network:
  • The NEW Mesh is a function of the Repeater is now also known as “IP-Client” for all models of the Fritz box, the Cable is selected in the “home network / Mesh / Mesh settings (only FritzBox Cable).
  • The Smart Home:
  • Brand NEW – Smart-Home-pages of the magazine
  • The NEW FritzBox supports the DECT-ULE/HAN-FUN-roller shutter profile
  • The DECT/FritzFon:
  • NEW sound tuning for the playback of Internet radio stations, frequency, high/low, hard/Normal Version (04.54 on a mobile device)
  • The NEW configuration of the sound in order to improve the intelligibility of the voice (telephony Version) (04.54 on a mobile device)
  • System:
  • The definition of a time zone, and daylight saving time allows you to
  • On the Internet:
  • Improvement in the “NetBIOS enable” as the default for the VPN LAN-to-LAN coupling assembly
  • The improvement of robustness and Performance, to the Point that DNS-over-TLS)
  • Fix a a VPN and peer-learned DNS servers in use are not taken into account, under certain circumstances,
  • Fixed, No establishment of VPN Connections, advanced protection, the fault is on
  • Wi-Fi:
  • The improvement in the display of the Icon for the new”bag and lock”) in the case of encrypted Connections into a Wi-Fi internet access the guest Wi-Fi Hotspot in a public park) with the DUTY/Advanced Open-source (Opportunistic Wireless Encryption)
  • Improved the messaging System for free Wi-Fi is available in the “System events” done
  • Resolved by the Adoption of Wi-Fi encryption in a Loop when the auto-switching channels does not work properly
  • Home network:
  • In the “system startup” button-fixed the Wake-On-Lan), had been missing for devices with specific types of connection
  • System:
  • Fixed a Possible restart of the FritzBox-so-called “diagnostic security”
  • USB/NAS:
  • Fixed all the files and folders that have been duplicated and cannot be deleted

The Router, Avm Fritzbox, Fritzbox 7490

The Router, Avm Fritzbox, Fritzbox 7490