“Gema Lopez wears a wig”. Photos prove it. (and these are). “Here you see a very clear”

March 05, 2020
(18:27 CET)

Gema López and María Patiño do not pass a good time. The great opportunity of the journalist has not liked the galician. Lopez became the last week in presenter official Sálvame Limón on Monday in the absence of Jorge Javier Vázquez. This could have eroded the relationship of friendship, even though they are in charge of desmentirlo.

The partner of Save me was surprised last week with one of his new visits to the Clinic, Diego of León, where he goes also to María Patiño or Belén Esteban. The tertulianas already do not hide and do not care to give any details of their operations.

“I also fell in love the fraxel laser in Clínicas Diego de León. I recommend all my classmates and dr. Miguel De la Peña. I know him since many years ago, he and his entire team. And never fail. As always I ask for my beauty tips, I tell you that this treatment has left me the skin like new. Completely smooth, renewed, without pores, without expression lines nor marks. I’m delighted!”, I wrote the journalist in your account of Instagram along with some photographs attached where you could see into the room with the doctor and they suspected the results.

His followers have been cast to the jugular and believe that she was much prettier before. Many aesthetic touches are making it lose its natural beauty. “Every pass you put more ugly, unnatural… look at Patiño seems to wax you are wasting your essence” or “A council…you’ve seen of profile, you have the mouth of a duck, you’re spoiling, stop to get things”, are just a few of the that can be read.

Gema Lopez wigIn his Instagram also shows her outfits and also mentions the marks of each garment so that his followers can buy them and dress exactly like her. But in this perfection that she always shows, the viewers suspect a small detail. “What happens to the hair?”, “I think that wears wig”, write to see that hair is so voluminous.

“It’s called trust your hair in someone who doesn’t question because he knows what you want even if your what to know”. Well defined contributor to the works of man your hair often, either in their day-to-day work and in their personal routine. She takes great care of your hair. About the rumours that they can wear a wig, she has not wanted to speak, but rather because it seems like an authentic stupidity.

Now, many of his followers have been looking to detail your photos from Instagram. Interestingly in all of them carries the same hairstyle, but exactly the same. And so through 2017, cais three years with the same haircut. Not an inch more not an inch less. Curious, at the very least. It also repeats the dye, as their extensions. It is difficult to maintain during all the years the same hair color and that does not vary one iota. Do you go to the hairdresser every week? Not seen it go dye, nor the hairstyles, nor the size of the hair. Is always the same. “That’s a wig for sure.” “Here you see very clear,” say, attaching the last image of your account.

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