“Have spent the night together.” Antonio David warned. Mess of bed in Survivors


Antonio David Flores Rocio Flores

04 march 2020
(14:56 CET)

Survivors 2020, as always, is reporting big audience data to Telecinco and to all spaces, such as Save me, that feed the reality tv star of the chain. Although the majority of contestants are anonymous to the public at large are showing they can give a lot to talk about.

To give visibility to The panic room, a program that still has not been consolidated in the grill of Four, and less with the time of more of Save me, Kiko Hernández connected with the space of Núria Marín to continue talking about the big bombshell that I had prepared during the afternoon.

Kiko Hernandez Nuria Marín

The tertuliana been years in television and knows how to handle the information and make it more attractive and interesting for the viewers. Jose Antonio Aviles would have spent the night with one of his fellow Survivors by 2020. He revealed last week that the collaborator’s Living the life he had an intimate encounter with a Peacock. What he will be that other person?

“The person who spent an evening with Jose Antonio Aviles has a known family” said Kiko Hernández. A track that is closer to the name of that mysterious person.

Núria Marín named all the contestants of the reality, both men and women, and Kiko Hernández was putting faces very conclusive. Although there was no official confirmation of the programme of The panic room scored one of their best data their nearly three weeks of issuance.