here is what he made with the Sweetener World Tour


Ariana Grande double numbers of his previous tour, Sweetener and this is a blockbuster.

Ariana Grande can smile collections extraordinary of his last world tour! The tour with 97 stops the recording at a fact mark collections more than double that of his previous world tour.

ariana grande sales sweetener world tour

Here are the figures of collection of this Sweetener in the World Tour

And so the Great with this World Tour has grossed a total of 145.9 Million Dollars coated on all the steps you have made. The reports from the site Touring Date, always very reliable and accurate.

An average of 1.5 million dollars received for each concert, 1.3 million tickets sold, for an average of 13 thousand people per concert, and a ticket price average 109.77 u.s. dollars.

The tour of Ariana’s previous abode to a figure of 71milioni of dollars collected in total!

In short, a small force from the tour that is growing, and that in the future maybe you could set the goal of reaching the great as Celine Dion, Mariah Carey or even Madonna.

Of course, the road is still very long, but the girl’s career is ever growing!