Hustlers, the first clip in super sexy Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B


Hustlers” the film with Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B in the role of two smart and sexy strippers dreaming of the big score that will fix it for life, is going to get a preview in theaters and then be released worldwide in September, inaugurating the new film season. The hollywood premiere in Los Angeles is scheduled for July 17th. Meanwhile, on the account in Instagram the official of the film have appeared on the first bold clip they see the two singers perform in sensual lap dance.

If the rapper in a thong and bustier, pulls a topless with so much of copricapezzoli covered with crystals, JLo is no less, and wearing a costume of glittering neckline with abysmal, it rubs on the cascades of notes. The two minitrailer have immediately made the boom on the social page and Instagram of the movie has been assaulted not only by the fans of the two singers, but also by a lot of curious followers to see the two beauties are so different in the clothes of the stripper the most sexy of the cinema.

Is from the movie “Showgirls” by Paul Verhoeven, disappointing takings at the box office in 1995, despite the overwhelming media hype, that Hollywood did not return to bet so much on a film that focuses on the world of the striptease, with a screenplay that, beside the element of sexy is next to intriguing of scam in the grand style of the “Ocean’s Eleven”.

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