“I want to go to Cuba again, but the policy curtails the ideas”


The famous singer and composer of venezuelan Oscar d’ Leon it was one of the guests of luxury that hosted the latest installment of The Show de Alexis Valdésdirected and led by the popular humorist cuban Alexis Valdés.

Upon entering the studio, the artist was received with an effusive and musical welcome by part of the chorus and sat down on the sofa where he spoke with total naturalness on different topics.

After telling the presenter an amusing anecdote that he shared in Spain with the late cuban singer Celia Cruz and sing to the rhythm of the Quimbarathe artist recalled with great affection when he visited Cuba 37 years ago and talked about the reasons why she has not returned to set foot on the Island.

When Valdés asked if there was anything that she would like to achieve, and that still had not been given, d’ Leon replied: “Go to Cuba again, I want to go to the same site, but the policy curtails the ideas”.

Go to Cuba again, I want to go to the same site, but the policy curtails the ideas

Then, the artist recalled the performance that gave in Cuba in the year 1983 in the city of Varadero, which made history by the great fervor that it caused among the citizens.

After Valdés label his show as “the most significant thing that happened musically in Cuba during all these years,”, d’ León is referred to that experience as something that marked him forever and that “you can’t say with words.”

All marked us. To describe that you had to be there, you can’t say with words all that was experienced

Then Valdés he asked the artist that would have to happen for him to sing in Cuba. The singer replied bluntly that this will happen when the end of the policy and “all is in healthy peace”.

Well, that’s the end of the policy, that everything is in healthy peace to be able to go back

Then, the interview, in its entirety: