In an impressive Demonstration of the technology


ifixit looks at Apple’s competition, under the jacket. The professional technicians have disassembled the Samsung Galaxy S20, Ultra, and showing, in particular, the built-in camera technology that impressed him.

The components of the main camera of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, however, is also impressive. Samsung relies on a 48-Megapixel camera lens, the telephoto, and a 12-Megapixel Ultra-wide-angle lens, and a gigantic, wide-angle lens with a 108-megapixel camera, the sensor area is twice as large as that of the camera of the iPhone, the 11, Pro.

Camera, Samsung Galaxy S20-Ultra-Vs-Iphone-11 To Pro -

A 100-times zoom of the Galaxy S20 Ultra to trick on the Samsung, using a combination of the real, optics, a tv-in function, the Sensor-changes, and the digital zoom, the underlying Mechanics can be found in the Video from Minute 1:52 to see it.

The built-in battery pack that exceeds the total capacity of 19.3 watt hours in the iPhone, 11 and the Max Pro’s built-in battery for about 30 per cent. In addition to this, the range of 6.9-inches, the AMOLED screen of the strengths of Apple’s latest iPhone flagship, the refresh rate of 120 Hz ensures an extremely smooth animations, and this can be clearly seen in slow-motion, set the Minute to 0:21 in the Video.