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Prior to a Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the 10. April, 2020 pops up, players can get a taste of it now with a Demo of the Action role-playing game. But as for the Demo, or is it? It makes you want more and more and you can also satisfy lovers of the original? We asked our Community on Facebook, and a wide range of views were received.

In the Demo for the remake of Final Fantasy 7, then you can play the first Mission, and a ballast Release for example.In the Demo for the remake of Final Fantasy 7, then you can play the first Mission, and a ballast Release for example.

A Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The Demo was “remarkably good”, but …

From Monday to Friday, you can get all the Fans from the PlayStation Store with a Demo for Final Fantasy 7 Remake for free. The only requirement for it is “PS Plus”membership. In the Demo you can at the next game in the Action role-playing game to get a taste, and the first Mission to the Mako reactor play. For Fans of the Download, you can in addition to this, it’s well worth itfor the sake of the whole of the Demo, players will get an exclusive good for the next one.

I saw this Video of a Final Fantasy 7 Remake already?

After the first player for the approximately one-hour tasting have been playing it, and now it’s time for a conclusion. On Facebook we asked for suggestions from the game and the Community, according to their impressions of the Demo for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and, in General, the Fans seem to be very happy. Despite the assumption that the Both newcomers and lovers of the original the hair could have come in, and they were both of the parties, surprisingly, I agree too.

Facebook User Only ” Page:I haven’t played the Original, but all in all, I found the mega in the Demo is easy. This will open up your playing style I have held on to Final Fantasy 15 in total, and is a big Fan of it, and if not, it is nothing short of brilliant and the characters are reacting to everything, like here, the atmosphere drags on for a really.

FB-User-Yuriy Subota:The Original game (although it will never be 100 % complete, and I love the Demo. The dialogue, the characters and the battle system they are so well integrated. The playable characters have with each other, visibly different, and the changes that are recommended by the Meeting is significant as well.
The one that bothered me was the the somewhat ham-fisted-chamberit’s blocked to me, such as the point-of-view. In addition to this, I think, in the lower part of the point-of-view, in order to respond to an opponent out of the screen at such an early stage.

FB-User-with Mason storm:The combat system is better than I originally thought you lose, but in the Face. I found it on the first Mission, the Details and History of items for a very, very good. The expected increase to the greater experience of the Story. In addition to this, I’m just curious as for the Open World you want to dothe character development, particularly in the direction of the force, and Level in the long term, the motivation for the fight …
There are still many open questionsbut it’s fun to see the characters and places in this graphic splendor.

Just as in the Original, you fight in Final Fantasy 7, the Story of a group of rebels who want to topple the world domination of the organization.Just as in the Original, you fight in Final Fantasy 7, the Story of a group of rebels who want to topple the world domination of the organization.

A Final Fantasy 7 Remake: the Demo is very low?

Scattered Worries the enthusiasm, on the one hand, minor flaws ask open-ended questions, and another page is very simple, it has been able to make a good first impression, and the Fans are hoping that in the next Story. Also, you can take a look at the new release, and my colleague, Laura, has in the Event of a Display and fell in love in the Franchisehow do you in our preview of Final Fantasy 7: the Story | nearly-A perfect match? it can be read.

However, there are also too much criticism the Demo for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, they are completely wrong. Some of the players, it will be enough for the realization of the adventure, to see what the journey is going to where it needs to go. According to them, you will have to, at a first glance the potential for a story that is not fully explored and to be strictly in with the specifications of the original.

FB-User-Stefan Ramtatadadam:Unlike most here, I have to say that the Demo has got me more disappointed than I expected. The one of the characters is clearly visible. For that, the environment needs to be as empty and uninteresting as the Original one? Up to a couple of cases, it is the interaction with the environment. If the Remake, then please, please, please, for the sake of graphics, and the space that is created for you to Explore.

After the battle, I have to say that for me the Original is missing, but the new System of the player a continuous Change of the characters to enforce. I wish there may, however, be a pre-defined share of the Passive, Aggressive, etc.). If not, I think, that the combat is straight forward, very quickly, and learn much more easily. The game is going I definitely will but it’s not over for the Release to get. The only good graphics and the music isn’t good enough for me. Then, go back to the Original one.

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The Demo for Final Fantasy 7 Remake went down well with the majority of the Fans, well, some people think that it’s just minor points of criticism, and some people say that the Story doesn’t have much to go on, to live in the shadow of the original. The Community has to say about the Demo, but that’s what it looks like with the main game? This is going to let you know as soon as a Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the 10. April of 2020 is to be released for the PlayStation 4. Maybe it will change again …