In the movie “Jolly Blue” Alessia Merz preferred to Angelina Jolie: “that Went…”

This Monday afternoon, on may 23. December, was aired on the new episode Come to metalk-show conducted by Catherine Balivo on Rai 1. And the new appointment tv has seen to appear as a guest in the studio Alessia Merz. The Vogt, Merz is told, in the free-wheeling life and career, in an exclusive interview in which he revealed, unreleased behind-the-scenes.

Born in 1974, and is from Trento, you can expect a career with many successes. Model, actress, presenter and tissue paper historical strip of the message that tells you that a “natural selection” and a from scratch very hard, before you “is Not an exclusive contract with the Rai”. “Some sang with, she had trusted her voice, but I sing with my voice… the voice that I donnone was esibivo huge,” he Merz, palesando have always playback it is Not the Rai. “We do not comment on what is realistic, TikTok“is the interference ironic Manuela Villa, compared it to the beloved lip-sync, the one signed today, in the social ownership of the Chinese TikTok, the playback of the Merz turned on the TV. At the age of only 17 years of age, Alessia debuttava Not the Rai, and then was hired by Antonio Ricci, to cover the roll of paper strip are the messages.

But not all know, a particular of his artistic career, during the last speech of the tv-Merz, registration on, Come to me. Incalzata of the questions, the bailiff, interviewed, admitted, unpublished backgroundsin the last few hours, much of it on the net. In particular, the showgirl from the view of magnet know that he Saved in the past, he managed to note from Stefano. The Director chose the then immature Angelina Jolie and this was the cast of the movie wild Blue, 1998. “Yes, it is true, it happened this -has made it clear, Alessia Merz, in response to the requests received by the presenter in the studio. Ask me not why, but he was so… Stefano, decided to take me to the place the movie”.

Alessia Merz lightning told to Come to me

Incalzata on the affective, Alessia Merz revealed that had a bolt of lightning struck a in his life with the former football player Fabio Bazzani.

“We have seen it in one evening. Was told June 2004 – -. In 2005, we got married and in 2006, Nicholas was born. More lightning, so…”. And the first rumors about his love story reported on tv, Caterina Balivo, she was eager to know more: “Who introduced you?”. The whole answer, Merz gave a different background on his life:“Simona Ventura has presented to us, I was a friend of her. Instead, Fabio has played with Stefano Bettarini in the series. Bettarini has not a witness, but he has since’, which has made us known”.

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