Income of urgency. Bertin Osborne beaten. Terrible news. Last time


Bertin Osborne excited

04 march 2020
(16:06 CET)

Bertin Osborne is concerned about the last time a good friend of his and well-known, Jaime Ostos. The extorero was a long time in a state of health quite delicate. The past month of August was left to see by giving a little walk, supported on two crutches.

At 88 years old suffers a back injury that limits very much the movement, and whose pains are so strong that it has had to enter emergency at the clinic la Zarzuela in Madrid. It takes a week in the hospital.

The Ostos

“Are the pains stronger than I’ve had in my life. This reminded me that there are things stronger than the gorings of the bull” declared Jaime Ostos in an interview for the journal ABC. “The pain will appear when you least expect it: moving up the ladder, when you go to the bathroom and you have problems with the movements that acentúas a little more sharply,” added the extorero.

His family is very worried about her advanced age and disease on these heights are not resolved with the same ease as in a young person. Jaime suffering an impingement in the lower back which added to the osteoporosis who suffers from years ago, forces him to save a rest almost absolute.

The extorero is waiting for medical tests to see if it is viable to perform a few injections that will soften the pain. In the past few months has needed the assistance of a walker.