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Intel’s Chief financial Officer admitted that the 10-nm process is on the level of productivity of the old ways. By the end of 2021, the Americans were going to pull it back up with the competition, and with a 5-nm-production-of-their passwords. Until then, however, a few years ago in the country.

And even then, it seems, is Intel’s 14 nm process is a never-ending story. A 10-nm-set processors for servers, on you were still on the roadmap, but Intel’s Director of Finance, Director George Davis told the times that, in the process, it comes to the productivity of his or her predecessor. And it doesn’t change anything.

“It’s going to be less efficient than that of 14 nm, which is less than 22 nm, which, however, are the improvements we can see, very excited and hopes that we will have to change to the 7-nm-period of time, a significantly better performance profile.” According to him, it starts at the end of 2021. With a 7-nm process, Intel can look back on an equal footing with the competition. In addition to this, it is believed that the claim of 5 nanometers is in a leadership role.

In the time that it is the first of a 5-nm products to the market, Intel is still cheating. It’s going to display on the display of the manufacturer of the machine, AMSL, with a hinged-Intel-2021 the back of a 2-year cycle. This would mean that a 5-nm-process, is to begin by the end of 2023 – two years ago, after a 7-nm manufacturing process. During this period, TSMC may be 3 nanometers is achieved, it is important to keep in mind, however, that behind the seemingly the same sizes as the other parameters in order to hide it. As well, the Intel 7, is similar to the nm and to manufacture, rather than that of TSMCs to 5 nm process. In the comparison between 3 and 5 nanometers, Similar could be applied, it is not defined, however.

The area of working with old technology

Of these products, it is in the area of Work-the Segment is still far away. In April, he wants to know, the Intel one more time, with the 14-nm process. To commit the way will be, until then, the greatest period of expansion, with up to ten cores. Despite the fact that the new Socket is going to change, but just a little. The PCI-Express version 4.0, the AMD-Ryzen-3000 series is from July of last year, the supply should keep up with the music of the future.

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The officers, however, are still provided to you in the year 2020, with the Chips in the new production. The ice on the Lake, SP to submit up to 38 and the cores of the race. It states that the 10-nm processors, it did not appear at the time, objected to the Intel, at the end of December. The ice on the Pond, SP is still expected in the second half of the year for the year 2020.

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