iPhone night mode: Apple picks the best pictures


The winner of Apple’s recent “Shot on iPhone”contest by A panel of judges comprised of photographers, and the Apple managers to select the best six photos, which were taken at the last autumn-introduced the iPhone to the night mode. The “thousands” of photos that have been sent out to the membership, as the company has announced. All the winners have come from Russia, India, China, and Spain.

They were admitted only to the photos that were taken with the night mode on the iPhone, 11, iPhone, to 11 (The Max). Users of Apple’s rules, shots and editing, the use of the App, and the filters had to be called in.

(Image: IG @tomrus / iPhone / ipad night mode, Challenge, picture)

With the iPhone 11 iOS and 13 on the night led mode enables you to, for the first time, directly from within the App multi-camera according to the exposure time, the low-light shots possible, even in the quiet of his Hand. On a tripod, the photos with an exposure time of as short as 30 seconds to shoot. The night mode is a low brightness, it is automatically active and can be adjusted by the user.

The audio recordings of all of the winners, will be displayed from Apple’s online as well, but it should show up in the world, and, among other things, on posters and advertising. Apple is once again emphasized that he was convinced that “artists should be compensated for their work, and have made the payment of license fees for the use of recordings for purposes other than marketing, in mind! What’s it going to be, it has not been reported.

The exhibition, on display walls, and in the Apple channels such as the website and social media, as a photographer, and was admitted to the group by participating in a toll-free use of the recordings. In the case of Apple, prior to the contest, the photos were originally made available without money, it is only after considerable criticism of the photographers in the group gave up quickly. The-best-General-iPhone-photos – before the arrival of the night, so he had given us, over a year ago.

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