It seems that Ariana Grande is back in the studio recording


9 January 2020

Ariana Grande he started the 2020 doing what makes you feel better: the music. She was back in the recording studioto do what is in the accuracy has not yet been made known. What we know at the moment is that have been published Instagram Stories from the producer for Mr. Franks, who in the past has worked on many songs present in the “Dangerous Woman”, the album of Ari of 2016.

The pop star is not visible in these stories, but it was more times tagged also by friend and colleague Njomza together with the The Social House.

Ariana Grande has confirmed her presence in the studio writing via Twitter Not entusiasmatevi for nothing is certain, but yes, I was there. It is nice to be home and write and sing”, then adding that “Please relax, it’s not going to quit anything.”

Ari concluded by 2019 at the latest by publishing the new live album “k bye for now swt (live)”.

The disk contains 32 live tracks taken from a Sweetener Tour that it was concluded on the 22nd of December in Los Angeles.

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