Jacqueline Arenal in love to their fans with a spectacular artistic photos


The cuban actress Jacqueline Arenal has surprised his followers of social networks to share some spectacular photos of study in its account of Instagram that exploits a facet professional a both different scenarios, and much more inclined to the modeling world.

The artist has placed in the hands of several photographers who have brought out his side more sexy and wild through the various composite images for different set-ups in the scene that are pure art.

One of the snapshots, created by Luis Funes, appears Jacqueline Arenal characterized the style years 20 to pose with a sexy black dress, gloves to match, cigar in hand and a lush collar of pearls.

The same theme is repeated in another work of this artist, but this time highlighted by the expression of the actress that are accentuated with the game of the contrasts of tonalities in black-and-white.

Photographer Pablo Moreira was faced to immortalize another of the portraits shown in your design to a Jacqueline Arenal much more barbaric and feline.

On this occasion, we are able to appreciate the interpreter of the unforgettable character of the cuban television Verena Contreras with his face surrounded by a serpent and with a makeup that highlights her expressive green eyes.

In the profile of Instagram of Paul Moreira also find other photos of Jacqueline Arenal shedding tears of green.

Or you can see it turned into a whole nymph dressed up and surrounded by flowers.

What is your favorite?