Jennifer Lawrence, of the moka on the home trainer: the actress in public wedding table


L’attrice has an agreement with Amazon support the Amazon rain forest, destroyed by the terrible fire a few weeks ago

Very reticent in regard to his privacy, after the announcement in February of its engagement with Cooke Maroney, Jennifer Lawrence has been no more information given at the wedding, so that for some would have the two married secretly. But here’s the wedding table: it seems, therefore, that this marriage had to be still.

“Planning a wedding is so exciting, but it can be overwhelming. For everyone needs a little inspiration, I thought it would be fun to share the collaboration with Amazon, some of my favorite items. It is so easy, and you can find everything you need in one place…” writes Lawrence on the e-commerce site.
Objects-there really is something for every taste.
The beautiful actress, the preference seems to be very diverse, but with the peaceful struggle for the kitchen. “I love to have guests at home,” she writes, and this is the set for the fondu-copper, 11-piece, a carafe of wine with a cork in oak, and a slicer for cheese in marble.”I love trying out new recipes, the right tools in the kitchen, it is important. Cooking for two is always more fun!”, added and appear in the list a deep-fat fryer air, an espresso machine from De Longhi, kitchen machine, economic but also items that are more traditional, such as cookware set, knife and glasses from a few hundred dollars, a fire bowl made of copper or the slab of stone for the pizza and then the mocha is perfect german style, the machine to make pasta at home, and so on until the Mat for yoga, and even the fans attached to the ceiling to objects more expensive than the trainer of almost 2mila us dollar or the TV screen of 1500 us dollars.