Jennifer Lawrence, the secret wedding, Cooke Maroney?


Un friend, two bodyguard and a photographer, a wedding top secret. So Jennifer Lawrence possibly married the friend Cooke Maroneygallerist, art in New York, on 16. in september, after only 7 months of the engagement and a year and a half of love. A message that has not yet been confirmed or refuted, and reports of PageSixrelevant page of the gossip The New York Post.

The notes on the wedding top secret

As reported, from the head of the American actress 29-year-old with the gallery owners 34anne you wanted to secretly marry in the registry office of New York. The couple was in the building along with two bodyguards, a friend Mark Seligerfamous photographers who has signed, different cover Vanity Fair and GQ. Both lights, you had to look in the hand, the cards (presumably the documents of the marriage) and sfoggiavano simple: he is a plush white, with a blazer, grey, and jeans. For the supply of the gossip about the secret wedding it would be, then the Tweet (now deleted) is the dignity of a person, the pair in the same building. “If you go, you take their license of marriage, and Jennifer Lawrence are going to go alongside, to get married, in front of your eyes. Yes, guys, the Church is cool. The place of the” would go before wrote the witness involuntarily, that the content has been removed.

But that’s not all. At the exit from the office to weddings in the big apple, it seems that the neo groom has been immortalized, as he tried to hide, the left ring finger, the finger where the examination of the Yes might.

“The person, the coolest on the planet”

The rest, the wedding secret is now a trend followed by many star. And Jennifer Lawrence didn’t always marry with the intention of had his Cooke Maroney, is new. “If I was Cooke I met wanted to marry already. We wanted to marry both of us. I feel to be honored, and Maroney,” said the actress and Oscar winner The positive side. The view of the neo-husband, “the person, the coolest on the planet”, the say “you can’t go”. And, luckily, “is there a legal way to do this,” said the star. He looks at it now, the action to the word.

Orange flowers are a novelty in his life, considering that prior to the meeting with the gallery owners in New York has said, I never thought of the wedding. The actress, in fact, before you fall in love Maroney had a love affair for a period of five years, between various back-and-forth, with Nicholas Hoult and a brief flirtation with Chris Martin. Then the encounter of life with the people. The only one with whom he discussed the preparations for the wedding began. In all the rest: “I’m Not nervous about it. Am too lazy to be neurotic. I saw a dress that I liked and I thought, ‘this is the dress’. I’m a local and I said to myself: ‘Cool, we have the location,” said some time ago, an actress. Details could have you think, a new ceremony with a lot of party according to the rite of the Church.

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney, you are friends, the officially in Februaryafter the marriage proposal just a few months after the beginning of the relationship, and with so much diamond ring came from. And the two of them were for the wedding to confirm the friends of the couple, it was immediately after the proposal, confirmed the People the agreement between the actress and the art dealer: “Smiles, like I do never saw the ex-friends,” he confided to a friend of JLaw of the magazine.

The wedding secret, so you can.not a surprise for those who knows it well