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Kiddingthe series for Showtime starring Jim Carrey, will be among the guest stars of the second season, even the popstar Ariana Grandeportrayed in some of the official photos.

The unpublished episodes will be broadcast on american screens from the 23rd of February and the creator and producer Dave Holstein, anticipated to Entertainment Weekly:

Ariana interprata Great Littlethe Pickle Fairy (The fairy cucumber) of Hope, and more hope you have more she becomes great. You can expect to melt the hearts and it will attract your attention.

Ariana Grande in the month of July, announced its participation at the show by sharing a photo that was next to Jim Carrey, accompanied by a caption that noted:

To do justice to this moment is impossible. I am grateful for the experience the most special of my life. Nothing is more insane than to go to work and spend time with someone that you have idolizzato and worshiped before they can even speak. It was a dream experience.

The creator of the series said:

Jim and Ariana are two kindred spirits who have spent their careers transforming pain into art and somehow they still manage to have fun doing it.

In the episode in which she plays a pop star there are also four original songs, and Ariana Grande plays two:

His character embodies hope. His mantra is ‘If you can see me, what can go wrong?’.

Holstein recalled that wrote the musical with Alan Schmuckler, since the end of college:

I love the emotions that can be expressed with a song and in no other way. I guess you could say that in this season there is a surprise in almost every episode, but that Ariana could be the creative risk biggest that we have ever taken.

Here are the pictures of the popstar:

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Source: EW