Last hour of Álex Lequio. And it is not good. “30 days”. Ana Obregón does not speak. Video devastating


Álex Lequio and Moon

04 march 2020
(16:30 CET)

There are many followers of Álex Lequio those who have been concerned in the last few hours. Eye, not precisely by the state of health of the son of Ana Obregón. In fact, as several media point, Alex has already received high after your last entry a few days ago to continue the fight against their disease.

A struggle that continues and that, of course, has meant that, since he knew that the son of Alessandro Lequio would this hard trance, the messages of encouragement and love on the social networks addressed to him have multiplied.

The video of Alex Lequio

But the problem is that, as much as their followers keep sending this type of messages, Lequio takes away from the social networks, or more or less than “30 days”, as they say many of their followers.

It is evident that, taking into account that did not pass by an easy situation, Lequio not the tena on Instagram one of their main concerns. However, the fact that his last publication in Instagram has the date as 4th February, leaving many of their fans uneasy.

A February 4, in which Alex, coinciding with the World Day of the fight against Cancer, posted a controversial video in your profile for that social network. A few images in which it was in part criticised by advertising your company at once that would send forces to those who, like him, are fighting against this disease.

What is certain is that, if well Ana Obregón prefers to keep silence in this sense, there are many who are leaving messages on the networks as “There are many days,” “A month without saying anything is not normal,” or “I Hope that if it doesn’t say anything is because it is the right and focused in their fight”. Let’s see if in the next few days Lequio publishes something on their networks and reassures your followers. Yes, as is obvious, is your health a priority.