Leoni Torres shares a precious picture of all his children: “My three beautiful”


The cuban singer Leoni Torres not only feel pride for the successful musical career that has carved from that took your career path alone, but in addition for the beautiful family that you have created.

Example of this are the beautiful images of your children that each time he shares with all his followers of social networks, such as the one that went up just a few hours to your profile on Instagram, which boasts, as well he said, of his “three beautiful”.

“My three beautiful,” said the artist next to the snapshot in which appear Sebastian, Samuel and Sheila posing together.

Sebastian and Samuel were the fruits of the love story Leoni Torres with the cuban actress Yuliet Cruz, next to who last month celebrated its 15th anniversary in Miami Beach. While Sheila was born of a romance earlier than he had the singer in his native city of Camagüey.

However, the relationship of the three brothers is more than good and every time we can see you enjoying together thanks to the images that the artists share in their respective virtual accounts.

In fact, the eldest daughter of the interpreter Leave the sadness and Yuliet Cruz are phenomenal and just a few weeks ago both starred in a cute video in which the actress congratulated for their excellent notes in college.