LG’s OLED-Tv will be in 2020: the price and availability for Germany


The South Korean manufacturer LG, which is expressed as to the prices, and the availability of its new OLED tv in the year 2020. As usual, the start of which falls in the shooting of a new range of Smart TV in Germany in April. We presented the device at CES in January.

Eight of the new LG OLED Tv sets on the CX, GX and WX is going to be in the course of the summer of the year 2020 in Germany. Including the compact and the LG OLED 48CX9LB, which begins with a diagonal of 48 inches in may at a price of 1799 euros. Classic-latest models with the state-of-the-art-of-4K resolution (UHD), will be available in sizes ranging from 55 to 77-inch. The tip of the spear, a 65-inch model of the new LG’s, Signature DISPLAY and the RX series, with its roll-on screen forms. The futuristic television hit, with a suggested retail PRICE of 59.999 euros, and received by the LG, even at the end of the time of the Launch.
LG's OLED-Tv will be in 2020The ZX series, the company is offering the first OLED TV with an 8K resolution

LG launches Premium, OLEDs and E-series

The all-new OLED TV, it’s called the GX-series (the Gallery) is going to replace it this year, it’s not just the G9, but also to the popular E9-series-of-2019er’s portfolio. The Design of the Latter will be built-in to the new WX series paper (from the Wall), which is, however, only sold in 65-and 77-inch Format for 4999 Euro. The price and availability of the best-selling book series of the same TYPE and rating, and the 8-DISPLAY models from the ZX series stays with us, the manufacturer, still, is to blame. For now, the focus seems to be on the Premium OLEDs, which should, in particular, of the convincing with his plan for the building, and an all-new design for mounting on the wall, in addition to the image quality, features, and Hardware.

The company has confirmed that all of the new TVs-OLED display C-series with the Alpha-9 Gen 3 SINCE the processor is equipped with Features such as Dolby Vision, QS, Atmos, and the HGiG in the mode that PROGRAMS the games, with up to 120 Hz, Nvidia G-Sync compatibility to get. Also, the Adventure Mode adds to the expert settings. He promises to have a picture of how it should be done in accordance with the directions of the Directors of the world. This also includes the deactivation of the effects, such as Motion Smoothing, noise reduction or sharpening is one.

Still Iphone 2, HomeKit, apple iTunes, and Apple TV are all devices that are available to you. In the course of the year, ipod, iphone, Apple TV, and Apple TV ® + on the over-the-AIR Firmware Upgrade for the OLED TV to go back to the year of 2018 and is to be rolled out. In many of the models in the 2019er range, and the Application has already been submitted and updated.

The LG OLED TVs are available from April 2020

  • LG OLED55CX9LA (55-inch) for 2299 Euro
  • LG OLED65CX9LA (65 inches) for a 3099 Euro
  • LG OLED55GX9LA (55-inch) for 2499 Euros
  • LG OLED65GX9LA (65 inches) for 3999 Euro
  • LG OLED65WX9LA (65 inches) high for the Euro 4999

The LG OLED TVs are available from may-2020

  • LG OLED48CX9LB (48 in.) for 1799 Euros
  • LG OLED77CX9LA (77.) for 6999 eur
  • LG OLED77GX9LA (77.) for 7999 euros

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Games, games, games console, sat Tv, TV LG, OLED, video-game console, LG Electronics