Live the fairy tale premiered “The bank of patience”


The bank of patienceso it is called the new chapter of the series humorous of the cuban television Live the story which was premiered on the small screens of the country on Wednesday, 2 march 2020.

In this installment, while Panfilo Epiphanius is drink a coffee together to Checkbook and Rupert in the dining room of his house, the washing machine starts to smoke and it is broken due to a short circuit.

Not to mention that the ceiling of the room also begins to break loose, to which is added a new problem, as he has to decide between paying the washing machine or fix the beams.

Finally, Panfilo Epiphanius decide to buy a new appliance, but when you go to the store, the budget is not enough to be able to acquire the cheapest. Instead, it starts making several efforts in the bank to apply to the promotions and facilities that this provides.

After making several inquiries, the old man does not find the way to fund the breaks. In change, the neighbors to help with a possible solution that can become the answer to your problem.

What will Pamphilus to fix the roof or buy a washing machine?