Mars panorama-Curiosity Rover panorama photo sessions in a log-resolution of


The focus on Mars

With 1.8 billion pixels it contains, the 360-degree Panorama shot by Curiosity on Mars. With the help of the camera on the Mast of NASA’s Rover, scanned the area around 1200 photos. Right now, the US space Agency (esa) has combined all of the stuff in the picture for the single, and open to the Public. If you like, you can download a picture (warning: large file!) or, alternatively, a special Viewer to view it online. Thanks to the high resolution, you can immerse yourself, literally, into the picture.

Shown are, of course, with all the different formations in the immediate vicinity of the current location of the Rover. That is where you see it, you’re going to learn about in this English-speaking guided walking Tour through the picture. Anyone who wants to explore the figure of the all-round visibility, you can do so in this 360-degree Video, which will also specify the characteristics of the Terrain.

As a Retailer, in November 2019, was due to the Thanksgiving holiday, to the ground station, all of the other tasks for the rest of the opportunity was favorable, to throw a more accurate panoramic image, in 2013, where the Curiosity is scanned on the surface of Mars 1.3 billion pixels in size. The most recent image from its “Mastcam that was” six and a half hours over the course of four days of use. To ensure that there is consistency in terms of lighting, only it was shot between the Mars-half-day to two o’clock in the afternoon, local time. At the same time, one of the other camera scanned the environment. The image produced is the smallest,, but the Rear is in and of itself, is not detected by the scene with the zoom on the camera at the end.