“McScam”: the Mcdonald’s Monopoly fraud-filmed by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon


In the first case, a criminal, a documentary and now a film!

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In the Movie, “McScam” to tell you the story of Mcdonald’s Monopoly is still. With Ben Affleck in the Director’s chair and Matt Damon in front of the camera, is an important combination that is already a given. Now, Affleck gives an Update on the production.

Ben Affleck turns in to a scam to make a Movie about the Mcdonald's Monopoly!

Ben Affleck turns in to a scam to make a Movie about the Mcdonald’s Monopoly! (Source: Mcdonald’s)

In the year of 2018, the official announcement was made that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon would deal with the history of the McDonald-swindler, Jerry Jacobson, the film lovers sit up and take notice let. The Duo, along with Oscar-winning “Good Will worked a Game”, it’s been a long time without any news of the project leaking.

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“McScam” that’s the thing About Affleck project

“McScam” tells the story of Jerry Jacobson’s, about $ 24 million from the sale of the Mcdonald’s Monopoly stickers, made it difficult for them to use. As an employee of a company which is part of the chain of distribution of the adhesive, sales, and A safe earnings is Known, first of all, and then, later on, in the business of style.

The production of the film

The major film studios together, or the Studio is going to be swallowed up by the other, it may fall to smaller projects that are already under the table. Is that something like this could happen due to an Agreement between Fox and Disney world, but, ironically, with “McScam”, it seemed unlikely. In an interview with the journal on the american Collider Affleck already had it, but he said that it was very similar to that.

According to Affleck, the acquisition of the Fox network, Disney, has taken on the responsibility in regard to the movie have been re-distributed. Even Damon and Affleck have been in love for a while in the dark, over the course of his / her practice. Now, they have been working again on a new script. The support you get from Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, have been shown with the “Deadpool”movie for Marvel comics, his Talent.

In the meantime, the American pay TV channel HBO has produced a series of documentary films “McMillions”, which is already dealing with a Monopoly in the case of fraud. In the series, you could fill up the interest in the topic, but also to make sure that you can, right now, is the first of a couple of years go by before anyone makes the “McScam again.


Affleck has passed on the iconic role of Batman in the now, Robert Pattinson appears to have time for a movie about the Golden M. it Must be a new thing for “McScam”, it would be to finally and definitely confirm that the Film is actually produced, you can look at the world in a network.

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