Micro-transactions: End-2 boxes of loot


Micro-transactions: End-2 boxes of loot
Image: Bungie

After the separation of the one developer Bungie Publisher Activision, is the separation of the one pure, the price went to the Target 2 and the total of the business model. After that, according to the players, and the numbers of the sales pitch is successful, the Studio is separated by a very told about the boxes of loot.

With the start of the season, a 10-Bungie is rubbing to the gloss engrams from the offer for sale of the game. It should be set before buying it, of course, that would cost you something, in writing, to the developer, the engrams do not fit this principle in Action. As a result, you will no longer be sold in the Eververse-Shop. This is going to go in the future only as a reward for the free part of the Season pass.

Destiny 2 puts the step on a line, under other titles, such as the Rocket Turns, you do not need this kind of micro-transactions. They are due to at least one of the strong Similarity with the Casino game, the authorities call on the screen, the more and more you Play in the club.

It is for this reason that in this kind of micro-transaction, provided the CEO of Epic, Tim Sweeney, slowly, one corner dirty to a particular type of Game, with a reputation that is questionable, and a lot closer. The big vendors seem to be on the other side, put it into a clean Image, especially as a waiver of such boxes does not need to reduce the revenue requirement.

Destiny 2 is not in the destination

Over the next few months, Bungie sees a need for action for Target 2. You must work with a sense of being part of a world that is evolving with the times. Currently, the only spawn a sense of being part of a short-lived, transitory, activities, and rewards. In the same way intentions are to beat in terms of legendary gear.

For Endgame activities, it’s the withdrawal, it is not necessarily anything Special, it is because there is the possibility to upgrade the equipment, and further, because there is a lot that is similar to a strong Alternative provides the Bungie. Don’t have the feeling, after a long hunt for something worth your time. As it is the easiest way to write to the developers, it is possible, for the enjoyment of the legendary weapons, only in a given context permit. So, in the End, it could be for the life of 9-to 15-month limit, even with a weapon, the stronger would appear to be one and the game.