“My new film will help to have less weight to our complaints”


Of Los Angeles. You would have in Italy on 27. February but the release was moved closed to another, due to the coronavirus. The crisis of health care so it also affects the After the wedding (After the wedding), constructions of the keys of the hollywood melodrama in Danish with the same title, directed by Susanne bier and released in the year 2006. On the shaft of the #Metoo, Hollywood in comparison to the European version of the kinds of returns. The protagonists of the original, were men.

Now in the new film directed by Bart Freundlich two women: Isabel and Theresa, are Williams and Julianne Moore, interpreted by Michelle in a story, the part when yellow and then the decryption of a narrative of the life, emotions and feelings, cut, and connected. Isabel (Michelle Williams) runs an orphanage in a remote village in India. The possible donation of a rich American entrepreneur, Theresa (Julianne Moore) comes at a time of severe financial difficulties, but with one condition: Isabel a trip to New York to meet her benefactor. The idea, again hand to film the beer, oddly enough, is also the chair of the Director there is a change of the sexes was in the living room-Friendly. The Director had come to success in 1997 with jokes of the heart, one of the first films of Angelina Jolie, is she now married to Julianne Moore. The engagement of Michelle Williams began by e-mail: “I received an e-mail from Julianne, my husband and I was written: we are working on a film and would like to see that you’re the main role”. So it was, too.

Isabel is the opposite of Theresa. The first is the rich and vibrant between work and family, the other is uncomfortable with, when, from her small Indian village is forced to return to New York.

“It is a woman, shaped from the past, it has succeeded, is back in India and now the apparent calm was interrupted. Not wants to return, is forced, and which weighs”.

And once in New York, is forced to deal with the past.

“In and with a world of wealth and good that it no longer belongs to and discomfort. Another person was, if you lived in New York and don’t want to be the one to”.

A part of the film was shot in India.

“The feeling that you left me in this place, that many of the problems that we in the developed countries luxury. Therefore, Isabel is no tolerance for complaints has been insignificant, such problems, hitting nothing, if you re in New York. I also I tried to get back the same feelings, these places”.

He spoke with his daughter? (Michelle Williams, he has a daughter, Matilda, had died from a buddy, Heath Ledger, in 2008, ndr)

“Yes, you are a single mother has a positive side, to create a tremendous intimacy between you and your son.”

She jumped in honor of the chronicle, when the edge of the sex scandal, the outside of Kevin Spacey, the film is all the money in the world of Ridley Scott was partly renewed and the extra cost of shots, she received a thousand dollars, while his co-star, Mark Wahlberg, half-a-million.

“This was a humiliation, the private was on the biggest platform available to the public on the issue of wage equality between men and women. In many after this episode asked: if so, a public figure, how much worse is the situation of many other working women can?”.

On the topic of the conference took place in Washington.

“Yes, it was a meeting on this topic. Now, finally, one begins to see a change, but, judging by the women that will speak of to me, there is still much to do”.

For the mini-series of Verdon, Was/awarded the same salary of his co-star male, Sam Rockwell.

“The finale is happy, almost fairy-tale like, a bad history. This story has to think, and has led to the fact that things change for the better”.