Nicki Minaj cancels show in Saudi Arabia



Nicki Minaj cancels show in Saudi Arabia

The singer-songwriter and rapper Nicki Minaj
he canceled the performance that was scheduled for next week in Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia, citing as the reason his support for the rights of women and the Lgbt community. “After careful consideration, I decided not to keep the concert that I had been in the program at the Jeddah World Fest”, the singer said in a note.

“Despite not wanting to bring my show to the fans in Saudi Arabia, having the most documented on many issues, I think for me it is important to clarify my support for the rights of women, the Lgbt community and the freedom of expression,” the note continues.

On Friday, the Human Rights Foundation he had written an open letter to Nicki Minaj asking her to withdraw from the festival on 18th July. The appeal was asking her to “reject the money of the scheme“and to use his influence to demand the release of activists in prison. The singer has promised to respond to questions from fans riyals on Instagram, launching an invitation to write them down.

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