Nicki Minaj denies his past, hates his big hit Starships


The rapper Nicki Minajalthough obscured by some rivals in recent years, has really given a great contribution to the visibility of the hiphop scene female, in the years when Missy Elliott, Lil ‘ Kim, and Eve were in total silence and struggling to assert itself.

nicki minaj denies hit

His fame, especially on the international level has been given by the great hit, a little less hip-hop, and a little more dance-pop like Starships.

However, it is just those big hits, are now renegade from Nicki, who would like not to have ever recorded.

In oblivion it would end also Anaconda and Your Love, both huge hits from his repertoire!

Deny their hit happens to many artists

It is not the first artist to abandon his hit, do you think that the mythical Lady in the past had said to hate his first songs, such as the immortal “Material Girl”.

Of course, if it had not been for “Starships”, here in Europe in a few they would know the american rapper, and it is really thanks to that very big hit that the rapper has failed to impose itself on the international scene with a clear and definitive.

The omen is that there will be more of a album type of “The Pinkprint”, and that, perhaps, the femcee will focus on the songs at 100% hiphop, no more tack on something more commercial.