Nicki Minaj is married with a child molester?


Nicki Minaj you is married? The gossip is born following a new episode of his show on Queen’s Radio, when the singer of thirty-six years, referred to his partner, calling her husband. In the show, as Nicki Minaj says: “Every evening, when I stand under the shower, my husband takes this great lotion that we bought together and I massaged his foot, then each toe individually”.

The episode incriminated to Queen Radio is the one recorded in London, shortly before his concert in Birmingham. At this point we still do not know with certainty if Nicki Minaj really married in secret, or if, instead, he used the term “husband” out of context, as a kind of affectionate joke.

What is interesting to know, however, is that the mate of Nicki Minaj, Kenneth Petty, a offender sentenced for his crimes. The two have formalized their relationship last December, when Nicki Minaj released photos of his birthday, in which was depicted with her boyfriend.

Petty is registered as a sex offender and second-level in the city of New York, after attempting the rape of a minor, which means that it is considered to be at risk of committing again the crime for which he was convicted. This also means that it will be registered as a child molester for life. Nicki Minaj has turned off the comments below the post in which was depicted together with her partner/husband, not having to answer or deal with the blame of the fans that gave her against them for having accepted in his life, a well-known offender. And without caring of the past of the man, who was in prison for manslaughter, he chose rather to give him a machine that is extremely expensive, going on again the wrath of the fans.

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