‘No time to die’ behind the scenes: we Visited the filming of the new James Bond


Under a light rain, but always present and a certain haze, of those that add an undeniable aura of mystery, swirling around 300 members of the computer of the second unit of ‘No time to die’, which have been moved up to Inverness (Scotland) with 30 cars under the arm, and some spectacular action scenes in mind that only this type of locations to allow you to make it a reality. The weather and at the same time not. And is that bearing in mind that the beautiful landscape that surrounds the Lake Laggan has to emulate a forest Norwegian, the moisture that constantly emphasizes that greenery is a gift, but if we put ourselves in the shoes of those technicians who have to run out to cover the drone every time that the thing threatens to sink too… The challenge is undeniable. Despite that good humor does not decay, something that stands out in the pride of the manager of locations Liam Irving, who stresses the fitting of these grounds of the manor house of Ardverikie for a few scenes adrenalíticas that they needed space in addition to synchrony with what was already filmed, “and there is a fidelity Bond at the time of rolling, it is always about staying in the Uk”says.

With all the pieces in mind to ensure the necessary continuity, the specialists giving cane to each chase, and a helicopter always on the lookout making machine with the drone so that the scene is well eye-catching from the heights, Alexander Witt, the director of this second unit, enjoy as a dwarf because it has a generous margin with which to play. “It’s easier to do something in the open field than in a city, where one has the problems of not being able to touch or destroy things. Here we have given you all that you want”. So, without having to put much limit to the imagination, the drivers are released by the embankment that come well, dot all the mud that lack the and skid until well marked that intensity that characterizes some sequences as realistic as realistic. “With Bond we always like to emphasize that everything can be done from truth, and therefore that there is nothing too artificial and every scene of risk is taken to an extremeensures the effects expert Neil Layton.

Layton, whose priority above all things is to make sure that their drivers have a car that is not going to put a fetter to the hour to make every pirouette, she especially enjoys when the classic cochazos of Bond are in between. Aston Martin is the home star when we talk about this saga, firm that provides designs, more classic look gadgets impossible in film, to sporting the latest fashion, which underline that this spy is still boasting of having the best of both worlds. “I’m lucky to have worked with several of the Aston Martin which can be seen in the saga. We have the Aston Martin Vantage, the DB10, the Valhalla, you’re going to be able to see in this film… But the DB5 is my favorite.

  Daniel Craig on 'No time to die', his last film as James Bond

A powerful farewell

‘No time to die’ is the farewell of Daniel Craig as agent 007, a fifth installment with the that closes the cycle that began from the hand of the pride ‘Casino Royale’. ‘Quantum of Solace’, ‘Skyfall’, ‘Spectre’, and this upcoming movie directed by Cary Fukunaga, complete the adventures of this character in the body of Craig, a stage which promises a point and end in style. “The story really is a compilation of the four previous proposals with this, as a kind of cycle in five filmshe assured the producer Barbara Broccoli in statements to Mashable.

“I think that the arc of this character, particularly the emotional, is full. We feel that it is a conclusion very satisfactory to his films and we expect it to also be for the fans. Logically we care about each one of the adventures but the fact of this is the last of Daniel has given us an extra motivation to do the best possible. In addition, he is extraordinary. It’s never been better”. Accompanying the last trip of Craig as Bond, James Bond, we find Anna Arms, giving life to a Dove, an agent of cuban take a cable to spy on the explosive start of this tape; and also representing the next powerful female we have to Lashana Lynch as another double zero, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge attend a script that has passed through countless hands (three not counting yours). In addition to completing the talentazo with this proposal: Rami Malek in the abraded skin of the villain Safin.

* ‘No time to die’, the adventure number 25 Bond, premieres in movie theaters on April 2.