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The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, OPPO want to be Found by X2 Find X2 For the two new High-End Devices. All the technical data and the Details of the fr, Europe,, set up models and also the prices they are now.

The Oppo belongs to you, such as OnePlus, Vivo, and that Really is the whole group of competing manufacturers of Smartphones, which are, in the final analysis, it’s all part of the Chinese group is the BBK. The Oppo has been the case up to now, at the international level and in Germany, too, a little to the rear, so that you can drngt are now out in full force to Europe. The new Oppo Find 2-series is as iconic in the way of our climate.

The Oppo Find 2, ProThe Oppo Find 2, Pro
Oppo Find 2Oppo Find 2

Oppo wants to make right now in addition to Samsung & Co. in Europe

It might as well be a success, because the Oppo has lost, at least externally, and it is, in many respects, it also technically is very similar to the Top Smartphones that come with a host of attractive Features. However, the technology comes at a price. In Europe, the Oppo Find 2 to, the cost of 999 euros, while the father is to be called the Oppo Find 2, Pro is 1199, -€. The self-consciousness of the Chinese manufacturer, therefore, is that it is big enough to begin with, even in the times of the vessels, and Co., at prices that rival those of the Samsung, and the other long-established manufacturers in the European difficulty.

The Oppo Find 2 and the Oppo Find 2, each with a 6.7-inch wide-Screen DISPLAY and easy-to-to-to-back gewlbten Edge that offers 3168 x 1440 pixels in both devices with the same resolution, and it is, therefore, a Pixedichte of 513 ppi. In both models, this is achieved by application of, at most, a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Directly on the Surface of the Gorilla Glass 6 is provided with a panel, a fingerprint reader sits down, and it was a hole in the top of the screen, on the back of the Oppo, each with a 32-mega-pixels-to-work front-facing camera has been accomplished.

Oppo Find 2 Pro is set up with a new Sensor and Sony’s Mastbe

The cameras are in the final analysis, it is also a top priority for the Oppo Find X 2 (Per). The Pro Version gets to the core of the camera is the new Sony Sensor is of the type IMX689 purchased in the offerings was “only” a 48-Megapixel resolution, but with 1/1,43″, and 1.12 micron pixel kantenlnge a relatively large ausfllt.

The CMOS Chip also includes Support for Dual-Pixel-auto-focus and it can, therefore, provide an extremely quick and most of all, reliable and sharp. The main camera has to offer, with the addition of a Hardware-implemented optical image stabilizer, which will also provide the video of operating with a resolution of 4K shots and it is constant.
The Oppo Find 2, ProOppo Find 2 Pro, Two 48-Megapixel Sensors it works
The second camera of the Oppo Find 2 Pro also uses a Sony Sensor, it is a 48 mega-pixels work-IMX586 that on a number of other “smart” phones. The real Highlight is on the Zoom of the camera, which is also stabilized by the Hardware, and a 13-mega-pixel Sensor with a micrometer pixel kantenlnge have it yet.

It provides a fnffachen optical Zoom, which in combination with the other two sensors in the camera for ten times the Hybrid and Zoom in and out. For the Digital Zoom, the Oppo Find 2, Pro should also provide an up to 60-times-more-reasonably good image quality. Finally, this new Oppo Smartphone-the new Sony Sensor with Dual-Pixel-auto-focus-and-the-Hybrid-to Zoom on the camera will deliver even better pictures than the Galaxy The 20, Ultra, and the bekanntermaen a 108-Megapixel primary camera brings to the table.

Stripped down, yet powerful camera, the Oppo Find 2

When gnstigeren the Oppo Find 2, the manufacturer is relieved to get out of the Zoom on the camera, and the new large Sensor Sony. In spite of this, it is only used in a Sony IMX586 with a 48 mega pixel which gives you a wide angle of the camera is produced by Sony, which offers a 12-megapixel camera, and a pixel kantenlnge of 1.4 μm. Add to that, here’s a Zoom on the camera is a 13 megapixel camera, which allows you to, but only up to three times the optical Rise by up to 20 times Digital Zoom.
Oppo Find 2Oppo Find 2: in Spite of the other Sensors, the camera will also give you a lot here
Under the hood is the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Octacore-SoC (which is manufactured in a 7-Nm Range, with a Snapdragon X55 5G Modem is in use, it is combined with this is the Oppo Find a X 2 (For) ever. The Chip offers clock rates of up to 2.84 GHz, and that is, at a minimum, is used in the european versions of the two new Smartphones, Top end, with 12 gb of LPDDR5 memory.

LPDDR5-RAM-FUS-3.0-in memory and ultra-fast Charge with a 65 Watt

The internal Flash memory uses a SUBJECT-a 3.0 Standard, and it is on the Oppo Find 2, Pro is always on a 512 gb large, while the “normal” is to Find 2 to 256 gigabytes (GB). An extension of the internal memory is not included in the two models. The connection to the PC or to the power supply unit takes place as usual via the USB type-C and is NFC-enabled, Bluetooth-5.0 x support, wi-Fi internet access.

Oppo Find 2Ear-phones, or connection to a MicroSD…
Oppo Find 2…Card reader, and a search at going to

The batteries of the two new Oppo Smartphones are almost the same grain. The Oppo Find 2, has a 4200mAh large power storage, while the Pro model, with a 4260mAh a little bit more Capacity. In both of these devices, the battery pack can be charged by means of the Super VOOC 2.0 technology in just 38 minutes. Most likely, the use of this is very leistungsfhiger power supplies, which provide up to 65 watts. As the system is operating in the air, and here Android to 10, with one of the Oppo’s custom Ui.

Schwche for dust and water protection to the leather and ceramics

In terms of the water-and dust-tightness, the Oppo is doing with the new Smartphones, Top end is a little weak. Well, the Oppo Find 2, and is certified, in spite of the high price, and in accordance with IP54 and is, therefore, only the splash of the water is protected. The Oppo Find 2 Pro offers the same IP65 and is therefore completely resistant to dust, but “only” against “water jets (Themselves), from any angle”, and it is against a temporary or a permanent shelter that is protected from the dive. Other manufacturers sell the most.

The Oppo Find X2 Pro will come out in Europe in two color variants in the market. The black Version is referred to as the Ceramic is Black, indicating that it’s here, it is almost like some of the Galaxy’s S-10 models from Samsung, with the back made of ceramic, it is being worked on. There is also a Version with a back that is made from leather, vegan, which is decorated in blue.

The weight is necessary due to the different materials, it is a little bit different. The ceramic Version comes in at 207 grams, while the variation of the leather, it comes with 200 grams on the scale. The Oppo Find 2, however, it is gehllt entirely in Gorilla Glass 6, and having, in the Black, as well as a “Blue Ocean” is going to be. It weighs in at always in at 196 grams. The device is made of an eight millimeter thick, while the Pro model to 8.8 mm, a little thicker than the ausfllt, and in the leather version, down to a depth of 9.5 mm have.

The OppoTo Find X2,Find 2 Pro
The operating systemAndroid-10
ViewThe 6.7-inch display, 120 Hz, 3168 x 1440 pixels (Quad-HD+, 513 high signal to noise ratio, the ratio of the 20:9 aspect ratio, Gorilla Glass 6
The CPUThe Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Octacore, 1x-2,84-GHz processor, 3-in 2.4 GHz 4 1.8 GHz processor
RAMThe 12-Gigabyte (gb) (LPDDR5)
The memoryThe 256-gigabyte (ARTICLE 3.0)The 512-gigabyte (ARTICLE 3.0)
InterfacesThe USB type-C, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, and Wi-Fi
The sensorsGyroscope, E-Compass, Fingerprint Sensor
LinksTHE 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE), 5G,
The main cameraThe triple-Cam, 48 + 12 + 13 mega-pixel, 3x optical Zoom, 20x digital Zoom, 3D Zoom, image stabilization, auto focus, face detection, 4K VideoThe triple-Cam, 48 + 48 + 13 mega pixels, 5x optical Zoom, 60x digital Zoom, 3D Zoom, image stabilization, auto focus, face detection, 4K Video
The cameraA 32-Megapixel camera
ColorBlack, Blue, BrownBlack (Ceramic), Black (Leather)
Power supply4200 mAh battery
Fast-Loading, And 38 Minutes
4260 mAh battery
Fast-Loading, And 38 Minutes
The mother74.5 x 164,9 x 8 mm74.4 x 165,2 x 8.8/9.5 mm
WeightAt 196 grams,200/207 grams
FeaturesIP-54, 3-D, glass, Corning Gorilla Glass 6IP 65 made of glass, in 3D, from the back, made of pottery or leather
Price9991199 €

The Smartphone camera, the Oppo, the zoom, the Oppo Find 2, Oppo Find X 2, Scout X 2, Oppo FindX2

The Smartphone camera, the Oppo, the zoom, the Oppo Find 2, Oppo Find X 2, Scout X 2, Oppo FindX2
The Oppo