Out comes the trash. Kiko Rivera calla, but she’s not. “Irene Rosales swallows”. Famous tells all


04 march 2020
(15:33 CET)

Kiko Rivera is promoting with its theme Tuboescape that is sweeping across all platforms. While the men Pantoja are out of luck, the women not so much. The DJ and his “brother” Omar Montes does not stand to reap great successes, but on the other side of the coin Isabel Pantoja and Chabelita fail to launch their artistic careers.

Since Isabel Pantoja joined by Survivors of 2019 the whole family has jumped to the front of all the media. All speak of the renowned vocalist and now she has just discovered something very strong in it. The star of Mediaset does not return the costumes that lend him on television. These last few months has been recording the auditions of Idol Kidsprogram that Telecinco will issue in the coming months, and has remained with all your outfits.

Isabel Pantoja Idol Kids

According to the journalist Pilar Eyre, who has uncovered this information, “Isabel Pantoja is a very vulnerable and insecure as all the major artists, and it takes to be a perfectionist to end all insane, but then, in the studio or on the stage, display the security overwhelming of the great divas. If you are not impeccable, they can call twenty times to the door that she does not come out of his dressing room”.

Mayte Sánchez de Vigo, stylist of the chain, he always chose what is best for her. The costumes of more high-end. The air of a diva and star were already perceptible in its passage by the Survivors. Came to light a series of rules that put on to participate, as for example the dye to the hair.

But not only it would have worn the dresses, also the add-ons to the game that will put your stylists. When they went to look for the material the dressing room there was nothing left. Be aware that even in the last program requested that the change to record. I wanted to go dressed in Escada. The singer was also made with the model of the Italian firm.

According to Eyre, the chain has been asked several times Isabel Pantoja to return the garments and add-ons that has remained, however, the mother of Kiko Rivera has refused in resounding and it is that account that she was assured that they could get all the costumes used: “I have not committed any irregularity, has been a gift”. The chain ensures that at no time had this deal through and he demands the return of the garments.