Paolo Sorrentino is shooting a new film in Naples for Netflix


Sorrentino is working in his city for years, and this unusual biography would have been, from the partnership established by Nicola Giuliano, the historical manufacturer of the Indigo, with the streaming platform

Twenty years after The man in morehis first feature film shot in the year 2001, Paolo Sorrentino back in Naples. The Director, reduce the effort of the series The New Popefor turning , it is ready to make a film autobiography Netflix that about his childhood and youth in the district of Arenella, the hilly part of the town on the border with the Vomero. The rotation of the work is expected to begin in the capital of Campania, in the next year, as soon as Sorrentino has completed the version Mob Girlhis second hollywood film with Jennifer Lawrence in the main role.

Sorrentino is not working in his city for years, and this unusual biography would have been assumed from the partnership in operating foot Nicola Giulianothe historical manufacturers of Indigowith the streaming platform. The Director told in the Run of the Evening, in which he saved painful in his youth napoletana: the death of the parents, and as a support for the Naples, Maradona has a life: “For two years I asked my father, that you are traveling to Naples, without the detour over the weekend in the mountains, in the house of the family in Roccaraso; but I always replied that I was too small. Then, finally, he had given me permission: Empoli-Napoli. Citofonò the goalkeeper. I thought to myself avvisasse my boyfriend came to pick me up. But, I felt, was an accident. Father and mother had died in his sleep. Due to a stove. Poisoned by carbon monoxide“.

Now an own goal, the next step is suitable to be an actor of 17 or 18 years of age and interpret the role of the protagonist. After Daily Mailwho who first brought the message of the film autobiographical own goal would focus on, in particular, about his friendship with a Director “is not so famous, but that has helped me a lot”. The phantom image corresponds to Antonio Capuanothe author of masterpieces of the “New wave” of cinema-the Neapolitan in the Nineties as a Vito and the others, Pianese Nunzio, 14 in may in the episode Sofialòren film collective The departure. Sorrentino has recognized in several cases, his debts to the “lesson” of Capuano, he was in the year 1998, together on the screenplay of The dust of Naples.

Of last amendment: 5. March 2020