Really 6 and Pro officially unveiled

Really today introduced two new models, the Really 6 Really 6 Pro. A Pro model, it seems to be right now, in every price range to sound good. Directly: all The models have been so far presented only in India, but Really (which is BBK Electronics connected), you want to get more involved in Europe.

Really 6 by (Pro) is shipped with a 90 Hz

The Really 6, has a 6.5 inch big Screen, Really 6 it is 6.6-inches, with a little bit bigger. Both LC Displays, however, WHEN the+ and 90 Hz, respectively. In the picture above, the repeat rate is for the middle-class is fitted as Standard.

The Pro model gets the Snapdragon 720, G, and the normal, Really 6 there is, however, unfortunately, it is the MediaTek will be held this Saturday G90T. The Really in 6 starts, with 4 GB of RAM, and the Really The 6, Pro with 6 GB, but both can be used with up to 8 GB of your purchase, and your internal storage (expandable) and, in either case to a maximum of 128 gigabytes (GB).

The sensor is the main trigger, both with up to 64-megapixels, an 8-megapixel Sensor for ultra-wide-angle shots, which come in both of them. The Pro model also has a Remote camera, and a Markro-writes, that’s Really it, but at the time of telephoto shooting, he opted for a Mono Sensor.

Really 6 start at 160 Euros

Both of them come with a 4300 mAh battery, so you have to port to a phone jack, it can be loaded with 30 Watts of power, but it doesn’t have the Iq. The Really 6 to start off with just 160 Euros, which is the Really The 6, For 210 Euros. It is, however, that the prices in India, which I have translated. It is supposed to come to Europe, we are in the Details.

PS: post the picture that shows the model, and the one that Really 6 is the least noticeable.

Really 6

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