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This year, Sony will bring the Playstation 5 in the market. The rumours, however, you have to know that there can be two approaches. As a beginner and a Pro Version. This Information will have at least one Japanese Journalist Zenji Nishikawa received. Originally, he had received Information from an inside source at the site of the developer’s fair to Cedc, in the year 2019 at the latest, ” he said. At the Forum, neogaf has a User-posted message is from September of 2019 at the latest, again. In the past, the President was on the right, with respect to the Release of Nintendo’s Switch to the Lite version. It’s supposed to be a Version of the Playstation 5, of nine Teraflops, and a Pro Version of the application, the services, of 12 Teraflops, should be at the end of the GPU in the Xbox Series the X’s the same. These PS5 Pro, however, costs about $ 600, so at the very least, the report.

PS5 Pro at the Start of the PS5 for Christmas?

How realistic are two different PS5 models, which will be launched in parallel, you can show only the official announcement was made. But there is a reason for that the President would be wrong. Sony is going to have to be asked to explain directly to the market launch of the PS5 to the prospective buyers of the differences between the two models, and this can lead to confusion. However, it could not be, at some point in the very, very, well – – -for reference, the Playstation 5. You have to install in order to be able to extend the platform’s life cycle, Sony, time and time again, technological progress has made it on to the Playstation, so Masayasu Ito, senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering of Japan. This is the Pro model-it was a kind of Test for the PS5, as the company said. In the year 2016, it’s the PS4 Pro has a 4.2 Teraflops of GPU performance. In the year 2013, available with PS4, on the other hand, has a graphics performance of 1.84 Teraflops, and it has eight gigabytes of GDDR5 RAM.

“In the past, the cycle for a new platform, in fact, of the 7-to-10 years, but in view of the rapid development and Evolution of the technology, and that it is, in fact, for a period of up to six or seven years of the platform lifecycle. And then, we’re not able to catch up with the fast pace of technology, and, therefore, we think that it is a platform for the PS5 to a cycle of maybe six or seven years of age. But if you do this, it is a platform for the cycle of life, we need to be able to change the Hardware in and of itself, and try to advances in the technology involved. That was the thinking behind it, and in the case of a test of this idea, it was on the PS4 the Pro, which was introduced in the middle of the PS4 release cycle.” – Masayasu Ito, senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering of Japan.

As of now, Sony is officially only for the PS5, therefore, to be a role model. In this Version, it’s probably one of the AMD CPU-Zen-2-base installed, which is supposed to be an eight-Kerner, with 16 Segments. In addition, the graphics chip should be on the order of 10 Teraflops which is weaker than that in the Xbox Series the X-12 Teraflops, are confirmed. It is true that the PS5 and the ray-tracing and 3D Audio effects for a turn. The Sony, on the other, which is propaganda, of which the content in the 8-to leave UHD playback, and where, currently, it is unclear whether playing video games or just movies and TV shows are made out to be. With the built-in calling, broadband, SSD, Sony wants to reduce the loading time. As well, this has been a successful one, and as many of the PS5-models-in fact, you know, in the first place, to be released in the market.

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The Playstation 5 the-PC”: we’ll give you an overview of the Next Generation of consoles

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A set of rumors surrounding the PS5 models:

  • According to rumors, it will most likely be in the two-PS5-models. Once a Version of 9 Teraflops of graphics performance, and a Pro Version, which should be every bit as powerful as the Xbox Series, X.
  • On the Xbox, the X Series has been officially confirmed – to 12 Teraflops of graphics performance, and thus, probably more graphics power than the PS5.
  • Already on the PS4, have you tested it with a Pro Version in the year 2016, and it is, therefore, a good three years after the release of the PS4 to Masayasu Ito, executive Vice President of Hardware Engineering of Japan.

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Sources: Game Informer, Neogaf Has The Sony

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[PLUS]    The CPU models the top of the Adjustment of the terms of i9-9900KS, R9 3950X, i9-10980XE, and all-wheel 3960X/3970X

[PLUS] The CPU models the top of the Adjustment of the terms of i9-9900KS, R9 3950X, i9-10980XE, and all-wheel 3960X/3970X

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