Samsung’s “Super Deals”, began with a TV and sound bars, low


Samsung is launching a discount campaign on the popular TVs and sound bars: The “Super-Bids” will be returned to you, depending on the model, up to 2,000 Euros. Also, retailers such as Saturn and Media market, with the make. The discount is when you buy up to 15. In march 2020, will immediately be deducted. We’ll show you the best deals and all the Details.

The TV and sound bar from Samsung is one of the most popular devices from the manufacturer. Up until the 15th. In march, save money on cash back and up to 2000 euros. In the case of the so-called “Super-Bids” are to be reduced to the current QLED TV’s and sound bars. You can buy the models from Samsung, or directly at the participating stores, such as Saturn and Media market.

In both cases, the discount is automatically deducted at the time the order is placed. Exceptions: there are some retailers, from where you need to have the receipt for the Samsung display, and the amount of, and then come back. Our products are not only sold in Saturn and Media market, and the discount will automatically be deducted. Do you have to worry about a thing.

Top deals of the day-4. The march to 2020: Highlights in the Samsung “Super Deals”

Our tip: it pays to be Fast, and many models are exhausted, or the long-term.

The Top Handle is in the Details: Samsung-65-inch TV


Movies at home: 163 cm screen diagonal, you get the cinema feeling in your living room. Samsung GQ65Q70R TV scores also have a high-resolution, 4K, and HDR for high-contrast and rich colors. The advantages of the four HDMI ports, a Triple-Tuner for receiving the TELEVISION program via cable, satellite and antenna as well.

The Stiftung Warentest has analyzed the model in July of 2019, with the judgement “Good” (1.9)”. Using artificial intelligence, image-and sound-enhanced, and a high level of 4 on the scale.

It is for this reason that the Samsung TV is a good choice for you

For the low price of 1.145 euros, you get a well equipped model with a large screen size, and with a lot of features. A discount of EUR 125 will be deducted at the checkout automatically. Save now with respect to other dealers of approximately 100 Euros.

More offers for you to Browse

In addition to the Offerings from Samsung, you have found it, now it’s even more of a bargain. Click save Microsoft Office and it’s a Bluetooth Speaker.

We will update the article constantly. In the selection of products, we are able to guarantee you the best price. The action at the Media Markt and Saturn are still in the run-up to the 15th. In march, however, some of the products that may be sold out already.

For the products that are sold on this page, you are going to get a Commission from the seller. You as a purchaser to any additional costs incurred thereby.