Scanbot has a new owner


Scanbot it has a new owner. The App, which I’ve mentioned here on the Blog in the past, many times, and am very happy. Scanbot is with the camera of your Smartphone into a document scanner.

The new home of the well-known Scanbot and Unfade Apps, the company’s “Free the Media is. It will be in the course of the Acquisition of some of the Changes. So this is going to change, for example, the Name of the Scanbot App in the next few months.

The Support is to be extended, and the whole of the day it’s available. However, you will provide support primarily in the English language. In addition to this, you want to concentrate on the direct applications of the implementation of the Social Media channels (Facebook and Twitter) for Updates to the product and to the medium.

Also, for your privacy, which is expressed in the following way:

[…] Scanbot, or Unfade does not collect personally identifiable information, and we never have access to Your documents, or photos. As a consequence, the personal data shall not be transferred by the Board to the Media. If You have signed up for the Newsletter, you have the option, within a period of six weeks from today to log in in order to to prevent His / her E-Mail address will be transferred to the new owner. Free Media is committed to complying with all applicable privacy laws and data security provisions, and will be in the next Update of the App is a note for You to Check the writing.



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