Scarlett Johansson in Jojo Rabbit: “A great film, the smile and thinking”



Scarlett Johansson in Jojo Rabbit

Scarlett Johansson received two Oscar nomination as an actress and not as a movie Story of a marriage (on Netflix) and Jojo Rabbit, in the output 16. January in the Italian cinema. 2019 was a year of successes, with the certainty that in the year 2020, with the action film Black Widow under the direction of the Director, Australian Cate Shortland output, will be a success. The action movie-the rest are not new Scarlett: apart from his involvement in the saga Avengerswas one of the first Actresses famous pagatissime to get roles for adventurous women (just think of Lucydirected by Luc Besson, 2014).

All-rounder, with intelligence as Scarlett is a period of Sunny, after two failed marriages with actor Ryan Reynolds, and French journalist Romain Duriac, of the had a daughter Rose, born in the year of 2014. Today, Scarlett is a character that is very popular in the Usa, the star of the Saturday Night Live, Colin Jost, and the friendship of the pair, all appeared clear, in the event, pre-Oscar and in the awarding of the Golden Globe.

Scarlett Johansson has always known change blockbuster many blockbuster in his career in independent films. Before you with your participation The man who whispered to the horses by and with Robert Redford (the two remained friends, deep), and then with the awards Lost in Translation Sofia CoppolaScarlett put both to the public, that at the criticism.

Is satisfied with his shotgun on the requests of the most sought after in the world of entertainment?
The attention to devote to the audience it seems the two films. Since the Toronto film Festival and the audience award, in a truly choral a Jojo Rabbit I realized how the audience enjoyed this film. The People’s Choice in Toronto is not the first award. I’m proud of this film, with the tone between drama and Comedy, tells the tragedy of Nazism and the danger for the new generations to fall in the trap of dictatorship. I personally think that the jerseys are always dangerous!

It is often politically engaged: he has an intense campaign for President Obama, and also participated in the music video Yes, We Canyou propose, without hesitation, for the rights of gays, leaves no wishes open criticism of President Trump…
You are a liberal, against any form of racism or exclusion. My social commitment is never-the-less, if various circumstances, I am back involved in situations that I’m not clear on a step.

Founded in 1984, is already a veteran in the world of entertainment. In the past, it has been decided, moreover, to an experience on the stages of Broadway. What do you expect from the career?
A lot of things, because I live with enthusiasm and curiosity to the changes – they are what I call enrichment – in the world of cinema. I believe that in the future, the collaboration between Netflix and the rooms will be for the various circuits is better and helpful for all. I have no fear of change: remember, the revolution of the silent era to the sound!

What he has loved, especially by Jo J0 Rabbit?
Ability to smile and think at the same time. I just pray that the role of the mother of the little protagonists of irritated by the misleading “grandeur” of the nazis. Is a great movie that opens the eyes of the youngest, who was on a lot of problems: for all of us in the troupe, a very pleasant experience.

And what is it telling us Story of a marriage?
I am so grateful to the Director, Noah Bambauch for giving me the role of Nicole. Interpret with Adam Driver, but also the other, for a few, it was an experience that makes it absolutely addictive. I brought me very much in this role.

It is a scene that has remained, in the eyes and in the heart?
The finale of the sequence, in the my Nicole bends down to tie the laces of the man, the companion, of a large part of his life. It’s a scene so true that it touched me to the heart.

He believed from the beginning, the authenticity of the screenplay?
Yes, absolutely. Noah that the life of the friend of Greta Gerwig, the movie, but without obsessions.

He played live by the Directors more many. Who’s missing in his resume?
I like grew up with an independent filmmaker in New York, I think of Jim Jarmusch. I’d love to be directed by Steven Soderbergh, but I also like them very much, the Directors, the know, connect a strong influence on the public and personal decisions: I think, Jon Favreau, for example.

In the past, and musical interests had. Think back on?
I don’t think so, but the music always remains in the background of my life, and if it happen to me that affect some of the songs on the soundtrack of some of my film, I am, with very great pleasure. Are big fans of Tom Waits: there is no one like him! Every musician is unique, but Tom Waits is something special, in everything you want to do.

You never thought you will go behind the camera?
I like to bring videos amateur maybe one day my curiosity and the many experiences that I’m behind the camera. I have a lot of girlfriends, women and Directors, together with you the aspects of the professional and as soon as I help and you help me. This, beyond Me Too, is a form of solidarity strong and deep in the American cinema and I would like to be speaker.