Scarlett Johansson, the Oscar of the wedding of this year


Year bisesto year with great shame.

Sure does not apply to Scarlett Johansson. Because, in 2020 began, the you expect great things. From the Oscar-marriage to the film-event Black Widow. This year, the actress is not, you do nothing missing. Neither in the professional field, or in the sentimental.

But after the series. Although he never received a nomination for the Academy awards, Scarlett has managed, in the company aggiudicarsene well two. The first shot. As a best actress Story of a marriage. The others, as he for the Jojo Rabbit. An event unique. If you consider that in the 92-year history of the Oscars, only with the other 11 players had failed. People like Al Pacino, Emma Thompson or Cate Blanchett. Sure, it will not just be for Scarlett, the competition, the favorites of the year Renée Zellweger and Laura Dern. But in any case, already input in the story.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson in Jojo Rabbit (2019).

And speaking of history, Scarlett Johansson writes it to a other page on 29. april 2020. If the cinemas Black Widow. That is to say, the film with the main heroine of the Avengers. Finally, a movie has to be everything in the universe of Marvel. Directly, among other things, by a woman, Cate Shortland. And Scarlett is looking forward to the full dignity of his Natasha Romanoffthe only representative in the club of ultra-maschile-Ironman & co.

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Scarlett Johansson and her boyfriend Colin Jost

But in the year 2020, Scarlett Johansson is also space for something that you subject is close. His marriage. The actress, in fact, go to the altar, and for the third time with the comedian Colin Jost. One of the heads of the Saturday Night Live. For the past two years, he in addition to, without trying, the reflectors for themselves. “My life in a very different today“he had confessed to the actress Story of a marriage a Vanity Fair America a few months ago. “I feel myself in a situation where I have to make your choice consciously. See more of this myself, as it ever was“. For this, he says, hopes that this is the third time that a good and final. “The idea of a family to create a family, and have the features that suits me very well. I think it would be wonderful. It is one thing that I always wanted. What I wanted is, also during the marriage with the father of my daughter. Just wasn’t the right person. But for me, this idea is really like“.