Scarlett, the mother’s courage, double-Oscar-nomination


LOS ANGELES It is not often that you have two Oscar nominations. In the last year and a half has happened only four times, the last one seven years ago, with Cate Blanchett. Now Scarlett Johansson is running and is your first-time — both as the protagonist with “The story of a marriage”elegant narrative of Noah Baumbach on the end of a love, is the way he is, thanks to a little masterpiece, located in Germany, the war, the Nazis now to the end: “Jojo Rabbit“. Although the actress in new york, can not be met, how things are going and with pride, he presented: “I’ve worked hard to really have a lot of time, maybe this is the result”. Securities that have led to this double award both candidates the best in film.

“Jojo Rabbit“, directed and written by Taika WaititiJohansson looks to interpret, the mother of a child the subject of the nazi propaganda. A woman who, through love, endurance, and dance, save your friend from the indoctrination, and a young Jewish girl from the death. The film does come to mind “Life is beautiful“of Roberto Benigni, to handle the same capacity, with the lightness of a subject is so dramatically to protect such as the portrait of a mother wants the son of horror. “As Benigni also, Rosie, my character, is trying to distract the child, but I have not perceived lightness. There is a certain scene in the sgrido my son has me disturbed. For a moment Rosie and the rest and screams and loses his friend. I think I have a serious fear of the novel, Griffin Davis, a young actor who plays Jojo. Also I was scared”.
Who is Rosie?
“A single mother, like many women in the war, you are forced to a dramatic situation, always busy, always scared of the events. She’s scared, but he decides not subirla, and to deal with it. Nothing in the war has no sense, and this concept is also in the film, Waititi”.
Fear, too, as the son grows in the doctrine of the nazis.
“Exactly. Imagine, this woman he has lost a husband and many friends in the war, the do not know what reserves the future of her and the son, look, that on the other side of the table looks and this boy that is everything she hates. Then the rest loses, and the frightened, but it is his son that is love. Always.”

Rosie usa to protect the Comedy Jojo the horror.
“I have in the past presented by Rosie. A career as a theater actress. The Comedy remains his passion, the humor is part of his Dna and used it to help to overcome the child’s dramatic situations. I am a single mother (Johansson has two marriages behind, and from the second the daughter of Rose, ndr), I know how difficult it is to grow a child alone in peace, let alone in the war, if you try to save your child from the bombs and chemical brain-propaganda. And in such a situation, rude Rosie tries to teach her friend, compassion and empathy”.
A single mother even Nicole, the character, the him for the other Oscar, with “the story of a marriage” is.
“From my personal experience, I would say that a divorce does not mean failure. “The story of a marriage” it is the story of a love remains. Between Charlie Adam driver, and Nicole, the feeling of holding and not just because they have a child together too. I’m sure the two will still be able to honor what was between them, the time spent, common goals, and affection. It is a film that speaks to many. For me, the therapy, it was almost”.
But his future is something completely different, a comic book movie Marvel.
“A little movie called “Black Widow”“.
A prequel or a kind of resurrection as “Endgames”, saw that Black Widow sacrifice for the common good?
“It is a way to better explain this mysterious personality, Natasha Romanov, black widow”.

25. January 2020 (amendment 25. January 2020 | 20:23)