Seasonic SSR-750FA: First, Plug in the template by using an innovative Hub-wiring


Seasonic SSR-750FA: First, Plug in the template by using an innovative Hub-wiring
Image: Seasonic

After the Seasonic has extended the USPS’s Portfolio more recently, and with the three power supplies and no fan of the series, ” the Prime Fanless PX, and the First Fanless TX for up to 700 watt, it provides the company with the SSR-750FA to be the first one to Connect to the model, which has a full-length novel with a Central Cabling by way of Anschlusshub.

The first-WHEEL-with-cable-Hub function

As a member of the First number of the model, and Connect the SSR-750FA it has the same characteristics as that of the product, as it is already very well known in the First series, GX, was sold out prior to the move to the new OneSeasonic the nomenclature is the name of the First Ultra-Gold.

The SSR-750FA is based specifically on the First one, the GX-750, and it inherits all of its specifications, such as the efficient and 80Plus Gold efficiency, at least, certified as of the most, 90 percent of a 50-per-cent-of-use, and the one ball bearing and a Hybrid fan with a Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB), and a 50,000-hour life-time that’s specified. Not the obligation to the guarantee of 12 years is taken to the power of the First parts of the series. Seasonic praise for the SSR-750FA “only” a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is not surprising for a power supply, a First letters in a lot.

In addition to that, in Turn, the model also deals with the security and protection features of the GX-series include: OPP, OVP, UVP, OCP, and OTP, and SCP is on Board. The MTBF of the power supply to more than 150,000 times.

A new and exclusive feature of the series is the 330-mm x 64 mm x 21 mm (L x B X H) with a large magnetic cable from the Hub, which is complementary to the compact power supply unit with dimensions of 140 mm x 150 mm x 86 mm (L x B X H), and to make sure that all the cables of all the components installed in it must be directly to the rear of the Tray to the motherboard and not in the direction of the power supply to the light-emitting diode. Because at the time of the supply of the power from the wiring harness that runs to the cable to the Hub and the lugs to connect all of the cables from the power supply of the PC is built into the Hardware.

With two CPUS, four PCI Express, four SATA, and a Molex connector and 24-/20-the Pin-cord of a supply from the power supply to the motherboard, and an abundance of accessories in the scope of delivery of the SRH-750FA correspondingly large.

Pricing and availability

For the price, and the availability of SSR-750FA Seasonic is not expressed, however, that the model has been already presented at Computex in 2019, and it is also now an official product page, it will show up, in all probability, in a timely manner on the market.

To regulate The GX-750 wireless Hub is for the time being, with prices starting at around 120 euros) on the market. A significant increase in the price of the first adapter of its kind, can be expected to occur.

Update 05.03.2020 At 17:20