She is the new presenter of The island of the temptations!


monica naranjo in the island

04 march 2020
(15:47 CET)

There is no doubt that The island of the temptations has been a great success. In your final program will be dismissed with an impressive 30% share of screen and nearly 4 million followers. Telecinco is already thinking about a second season that will be recorded predictably in the summer, but will bring important novelties.

Who does not think in a second part is Monica Naranjo. The singer has made it clear that it low of the show. Despite the good reception he has received as a host, the Catalan will not be in the forefront of a format that has secured a second part and very soon.

The artist has already confirmed this piece of news provided by the media Yotele on his Twitter account. First grateful to the great audience data for this month and a half of a program that Telecinco looked lost: “Thank you, thank you and a thousand times thank you!! ? Another 30% share and 3.9 million viewers!! ?? ⁣ #LaIslaDeLasTentaciones will always be in my heart and I only have words of thanks to both @cuarzotv as to @mediasetcom, who entrusted me with this precious project… ???⁣”. Then he wished good luck to his successor. “I don’t want to say goodbye without hope, of heart, all the luck in the world and that my successor or successor form small, the results of this first edition are so magic…. ??⁣”. After this setback, Telecinco is already thinking about its replacement or substitute. Jorge Javier Vázquez has many numbers.

Mónica Naranjo and the board met to discuss his contract, but both parties failed to reach an agreement, so Monica thought that it was best to continue with your journey and stay with the good memories. The next season will be recorded in summer with new couples and new single men and women. This means that the space will be recorded and will not have the magic of the direct.

The chain of Fuencarral starts to evaluate new possibilities upon the refusal of Monica Naranjo. Among them there are two options on the table for a very disparate. On the one hand Luján Argüelles it would take a format of the dating show, which is well used after successful spaces such as Who wants to marry my son, and on the other would be Nagore Robles, who Mediaset wants to give more visibility and training after see submit MYHYV this last month.

The former big sister has been tanteada, according to has been able to find that WEEK, to lead this program that so much success has been reaped and has reached audiences estratósfericasde almost 4 million viewers. This would work elbow with elbow with Sandra Barneda, his great love, who recently would have resumed their relationship. The presenter has been caught in Madrid devouring kisses.