Sherlyn poses in a bikini at 6 months pregnant What a tender!


Sherlyn he is happier than ever to live this new stage in her life with the arrival of their first baby; the famous wanted to celebrate 6 months of pregnancy that you have, and what better than posing from the beach with a coquetor bikini to show off your tummy.

Since he announced that he was pregnantactress Sherlyn he has shared with his fans Instagram so excited that you are enjoying this new experience of your life, because he always wanted to have the illusion that every woman dreams of having children.

Actress Sherlyn wanted to thank the tokens of affection of her family, friends and fans, and shared an emotional message accompanied by a tender picture showing their tummy pregnancy.

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The mom-to-be was accompanied by his dog Neni Boom to make known to his fans on Instagram that he is 27 weeks of pregnancy; the actress Sherlyn you are missing a few months to receive your first baby.

Sherlyn and its 27 weeks of pregnancy

We recall that the actress, Sherlyn to had to deal with the comments that have been raised with respect to its pregnancyas the famous sent a powerful message, as some people have criticized, after going to a clinic in New York to get pregnant.

“Beloved son, for the last 27 weeks, I became in another woman…

…when I found out that it would be your mom, what a wonderful blessing and great responsibility, and in a few years you will read this and you will notice that this woman is expanded to the heart, the love and the belly to the news most beautiful that I have received, your life in my life, I hope with all the joy, the gratitude and the love of the world”.

Photo: Instagram.