So as of this WRITING: a Distributed system for space research, is set to


Hans-Christian Dirscherl

The 31.3.2020 at the conclusion of the survey is distributed to Three of the [email protected] is not set. Thus, the 20-year-old Was to come to an end.


The search for extra-terrestrials
it is now complete. At least in so far as it relates to [email protected] Because of the 31. In march, in the year 2020, the University of california, Berkeley, is set in the popular project, [email protected]

The people in charge told
and thanks to all the participants during the last 20 years.

The reason for this adjustment is relatively simple, scientists have examined all of the data you needed, until now. In addition to this, the management of the participation in the computer, the data is distributed, it is a very time-consuming. The Team would prefer to focus on the analysis of the data in the Back-end is provided. In addition to this, the resulting volume of data is so large that it is now, we must bring the computing to the data, and not the other way around, as all the scientists on Twitter


The [email protected] software and the associated

The website
it does not disappear, however. The website with the message Board will remain online. The managers are hoping that other astronomers will use the capacity to the [email protected] found. In this case, [email protected], you could get back to work. If this is the case, then it would be on the site known to you.

It is currently participating in the [email protected], and the others as well

research projects to look at
what can you contribute to the power of the computer. As an alternative, you can also

Science-States to join in.

If you are looking for a new direction for the use of the medicinal product is not used, the computing power of your PC, then, you can take part in medical research:

In the fight against Coronaviruses – so in order to help you with any of your PC.