SSR-750FA Link: For the Seasonic cables that run through the spine


Seasonic has introduced the SRH-750FA, the main source of power in the house to Connect to the serial. Technically, it is the First in the GX-750 is 750 Watts, and a semi-passive cooling, cable management, however, is completely different: it Connects, like the Seasonic Cable in the Device manager (SCMD), which are sent to all of the connections in a vertical module, which is positioned over the back of the Tray to the motherboard of the system.

The job market

  1. Münchener rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft Aktiengesellschaft in münchen, Munich, Germany
  2. Gamomat Development GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Turn out to be dealt with in accordance with the manufacturer’s two problems: – The cable management is clean, which is important if, for example, by the addition of an SSD to be installed, and the laying of the cable, it’s faster, because it is the power supply-side terminals are now at the height of their Sockets. The magnetic field of the Connect with, is suitable for any mid-Tower case with 2.5 cm of air space between the Tray, the motherboard and the side wall.

Most of the adapters ATX 24-pin connector, and the dual-EPS-4-Pin – connection at a Position that is similar to, among other things, due to the fact that there are no restrictions at all. With a height of 21 mm, and the Connecting module, it is not, however, in all cases, therefore, the Seasonic’s list is working with partners to support. The blue of the Logo of the lighting is optional, but that’s a subject for Case-modders.

The SSR-750FA a modified Version of the First one-the GX-750, and disconnect the power cord from the management of the same properties: it is 80 Plus Gold certified (minimum of 88 percent efficiency at 20 percent load and a minimum of 92 on the effectiveness of the 50% utilization) and you have a fan of 135 mm for a run-the first half of the first load. Seasonic calls € 150 for the SRH-750FA, it is available as The GX-750 is currently priced at around 120 Euros.

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