Strangely, the beautiful Racoon City is in full 1080p/60FPS

Resident Evil 3 is shown in a new Video game. Resident Evil 3 is shown in a new Video game.

In comparison with the previous one, a lot higher Action-focus of Resident Evil 3-Remakes of the column, while in the game, to be honest, the one thing it could be, but all Fans would agree: “A new edition, it seems to be a good one, thanks to Capcom’s RE Engine is just great.

The ” what’s new? Recently, Capcom revealed through a Contraction any more, in the depth of the Gameplay, so While Valentine’s day is near, the Horror of the Trip, which you can watch right here in the article, such as a Youtube Video. And the stream was played on the PS4 in crisp 1080p and smooth 60-frame-per-second.

What’s there to see? The Video features the heroine Characters, which is reflected through the streets infested with Zombies of Racoon City. Particularly noteworthy is that the first brings you to the mysterious city of love, the life up here. In the shop Windows, advertising can be overlapped on the Flyer, gaily striped Neon signs cast a colorful glow on the dark streets, and it gives us at least a little bit of light.

Resident Evil 3 before it was released, so give it a try yourself

As for the Resident Evil 2 Remake Capcom released prior to the Release of a free Demo for Resident Evil: the 3, can download you the for PS4, Xbox and PC.

The Release date for the Demo has not yet, however, you should not be too long to wait. Finally, the release date for the game is real, it is not too far away.

The new edition of the Horror-Action game that appears 3. April 2020 for the PS4, Xbox and PC. More information about Resident Evil 3, you can read in our Preview. Mr Dennis, mr Michel was able to experience the game in advance: