Survivors dismantled. “José Antonio Avilés is a family member of…” the big Fish of Telecinco (and is it)


josé antonio avilés

March 05, 2020
(17:30 CET)

Emma Garcia and all the staff at Live the life they were very pleased by the participation of his colleague José Antonio Avilés in Survivors 2020. He was also delighted, but I didn’t know that he was coming over. Without a doubt this was and is still one of the editions toughest in the history of the format.

Recently it was revealed that Aviles would be following a strategy to be able to make the jump to Save me as a collaborator. It is unknown if that will happen, so soon the only thing you see is that tertullian, despite not having studies, it is handled very well in front of the camera and knows what the public demand at all times. The young man has always been shrouded in controversy, and in the contest also. Is that more fighting has occurred.

Without a doubt, is achieving its purpose: become an official partner of Save me. It would be his dream. He always want to be at the point of the controversy. You talk bad or good but talk about José Antonio Avilés and it appears to be that will for a long time because they are finding great treasures.

AvilésNo studies, but dominates the cameras without problem. The young man appeared out of the night to the morning on the set of Viva la vida, just when Mediaset decided by a surprise change of speaker. Before we left to see by The Morning of The 1 and for Public Mirror, where he went to talk about an interview that made him the father of the child Julen. The cordoba was a time in the local chain of his city and then he took the big leap to national television.

But why would you sign on to Live the life? According to the social networks, the survivor would have a kinship with Raúl Prieto, program directorin particular nephew. We don’t know if it’s true, but the source of cordoba of both is a starting point.