Target Sources for heating networks, posing with a sexy bra red lace


The cuban singer Target Sources has fallen in love with his thousands of followers to share on their social networks is a sensual photo in which she appears posing on a balcony with views of the city of Miami (Florida) with mane your mane loose in the wind and wearing a pair of jeans and a sexy bra red lace.

The interpreter Free published the snapshot as a gift to their fans to celebrate the arrival of the day Wednesday, or as she calls him, “the belly button of the week”. “In honor of the navel of the week,” he wrote alongside the post.

Though Target Sources has unleashed passions with its publication and has gathered comments such as “you Are special, an angel fallen from the sky”, the truth is that it is not the first time that the singer teaches a similar picture.

And is that the artist rescued the portrait of a beautiful session of photos that you took in the past month of August of the year 2019 with the artist’s Pipe Jaramillo and already showed in their day through their profiles on Instagram and Facebook.

In fact, those photographs did you uncover in your day the controversy between his admirers and create different views on it. Many did not see appropriate to the uninhibited appearance that was projecting the artist and made allusion to that was given in to the stereotypes of “la farándula cubana” of the City of The Sun.

“How you’ve changed, you are no longer that innocent girl and shy” or “There are those who begin to confuse your career, don’t know if you’re an underwear model or what good you’ve always been without the need of showing both, a talent, your beauty, never before had he needed to expose him openly,” are some of the messages that left some users.